God of War PS4 PlayStation 4 Sales 1

God of War is a smash hit of the highest magnitude. Following on from the title’s impressive launch, where it sold 3.1 million units in just three days, PlayStation chief John Kodera has revealed that its numbers have now surpassed five million units in its first month on sale. To put this into perspective, it’s already more or less matched God of War III's lifetime total, which was the franchise’s commercial high-point previously. Similarly, it took Horizon: Zero Dawn a year to achieve sales in the region of 7.6 million.

It’s clear that the success of the PlayStation 4 is helping Sony’s exclusives this generation. While the company has set the quality bar extremely high, the platform holder’s titles never took off quite like this on the PlayStation 3, but its brands are really becoming juggernauts now. Next up is Spider-Man, which is almost certain to do well. And a little further afar, would anyone really bet against The Last of Us: Part II matching these numbers – or perhaps even surpassing them?

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