Warning: this article contains God of War Ragnarok spoilers. Please don't scroll down if you haven't finished the game.

What's Your Favourite God of War Ragnarok Weapon? Poll 1

God of War Ragnarok encourages you to use all of the weapons Kratos has in his arsenal, whether that's through enemy immunities or the environment dictating your next move. However, deep down, we all have a favourite weapon, don't we? The one we always pull out first if every one of them is available for a combat encounter. Today, we want to know what your favourite God of War Ragnarok weapon is.

In the poll below, you'll find options for Kratos' classic Blades of Chaos, the Leviathan Axe he acquires in God of War 2018, and then the all-new Draupnir Spear forged in God of War Ragnarok. We've also included Atreus' bow and arrow because while you can't use it in the end game, you do play as the boy for quite some time. Maybe you developed an affinity for his move set rather than Kratos'.

Once you've made your choice, select it in the poll and then explain why you picked it in the comments below.

What's your favourite God of War Ragnarok weapon?