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  • Poll Will PlayStation Exclusives on PC Affect Your PS5 Purchasing Intent?

    A new Horizon

    Reports emerged overnight that Guerrilla Games’ huge open world role-playing hit Horizon: Zero Dawn will launch on the PC at some point this year. This author has to hold his hands up: it’s something we never thought would happen. And while we’re still waiting for official confirmation from the Japanese giant, it sounds like more...

  • Talking Point Is Sony Right to Skip E3 2020?

    Jumping ship

    Is Sony right to miss out on E3 for the second year in a row? The Japanese giant announced overnight that it won't be attending E3 2020, saying that the Los Angeles event simply isn't the right venue for PlayStation 5. The company's statement comes across as somewhat prickly, but it's been reasonably clear for a while now that there's...

  • Poll What PS5 Box Design Should Sony Adopt?

    Make a case

    Here’s food for thought: what design will the PlayStation 5’s boxes adopt? We already know that the device will include a Blu-ray player, so it’s unlikely you should expect a different shape or size of case to the PlayStation 4 – it’s not like it will have to accommodate Nintendo Switch-sized cartridges all of a sudden, for...

  • Poll What's Your Most Anticipated PS4 Game of 2020?

    Place your votes now

    We've had our say, so now we turn the question over to you. It is time for the Push Square community to once again select the PlayStation 4 games it is most excited about for the year of 2020. It's a bit of a weird one this time around, what with the PlayStation 5 and its selection of launch games looming on the horizon, but...

  • Poll What Are Your Thoughts on the PS5's Logo?

    An icon

    Want an indication of how big the PlayStation 5 is going to be? Sony revealed the system’s logo at CES 2020 overnight, which uses the exact same typeface as the PlayStation 4’s logo. At the time of typing, the symbol has attracted over four million likes on Instagram, and countless more on Facebook, Twitter, and other official social...

  • Poll Are You Happy with Your PlayStation Plus Games for January 2020?

    Plus or minus?

    January 2020's PlayStation Plus games have been revealed, kicking off a whole new year of technically free goodies for subscribers. With its sights potentially set on new players who have just snagged a PlayStation 4 for Christmas, Sony's offering Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection and, er, Goat Simulator. Based on what we've...







  • Poll What Are Your Summer Gaming Habits?

    Hot takes

    We're now a good way into the summer of 2019. School's out (at least, it is here in the UK), the weather's hitting those high temperatures and we're... Happy to sit inside and play video games all day. For the second year in a row, we want to know what your gaming habits are for these summer months. Do you game less? Do you game more? Do...

  • Game of the Month Best PS4 Games of June 2019

    Detectives, crystals, civil war, and bandicoots

    Remember when publishers used to avoid the summer months at all costs when it came to releasing their games? It still happens to some extent, but you can't possibly say that June 2019 was barren. Last month, the PlayStation 4 was showered with new releases, and many of them were very good. This meant...



  • Poll Are You Hyped for E3 2019 Yet?

    It's almost time

    Can you feel that in the air? That's E3, baby. It's always a special kind of atmosphere, a mix of excitement and trepidation, enhanced to often extreme degrees through the magic of ridiculous rumours and speculation. Indeed, E3 2019 is just over a week away, and although PlayStation won't be attending this year, we must admit, the...

  • Poll Are You Happy With Your PS Plus Games for June 2019?

    Plus or minus?

    You know, the PlayStation Plus lineup for June isn't bad at all -- at least, that's what we think. Borderlands: The Handsome Collection and Sonic Mania? That's a rock solid selection right there, but we do understand that they're both well received and quite popular PlayStation 4 games -- the kind of games that many of you will no...

  • Poll What Do You Think of RAGE 2?

    All the rage or just raging?

    RAGE 2 has been out for a good few days now, and so naturally we want to know what you lot think of it. The open world shooter was met with good-but-not-great critic reviews and to be totally honest, its arrival doesn't seem to have made much of a splash, but that's why poll articles like this one are important! What do...

  • Game of the Month Best PS4 Games of April 2019

    Ghosts, birds, blood, and freakers

    Summer's almost here, and it's safe to say that we've hit a bit of a dry spot as far as new releases are concerned. April certainly wasn't the busiest month of the year, then, but there were still a handful of quality titles that caught our eye. Let's see which of them has been crowned Game of the Month, shall we?...

  • Poll Are You Happy With Your PS Plus Games for May 2019?

    Plus or minus?

    May 2019's PlayStation Plus games have been revealed, and we won't beat around the bush -- the lineup's gone down like a lead balloon. PlayStation's official channels have been battered with a tidal wave of negativity, but as always we want to know what you think. Are you happy with May's selection? Which game are you most looking...


  • Poll Did You Buy Days Gone? And Are You Enjoying It?

    Get your freak on

    Come on, you knew this was going to be a poll sooner or later. With Days Gone launching last week on PlayStation 4, we're here to ask if you bought Sony's latest exclusive. While critic reviews haven't been stellar, we're still seeing a lot of positive buzz surround the game on social media and across various forums. We've also...

  • Poll What Are Your Thoughts on Dreams Early Access?

    Dream or nightmare?

    One thing is for certain: Media Molecule doesn't do things by halves. Dreams has been in the pipeline for most of the PlayStation 4's life, but this year, we've finally been graced with the chance to play the ambitious creation game for ourselves. Dreams launched in Early Access just over a week ago, much to the relief of many...

  • Poll One Year Old Today, Have Your Thoughts on God of War Changed?

    Questions must be axed

    Happy birthday, God of War! Sony Santa Monica's masterpiece is one year old today, originally releasing on the 20th April, 2018. The title was met with universal praise, farming countless 10/10 review scores, and walking away with dozens of Game of the Year awards. As far as we're concerned, it remains one of the PlayStation...

  • Poll What Are Your Thoughts on the PS5?

    The next-gen hype train has arrived

    When we stepped into the Push Square office at the start of the week, we didn't think for a second that we'd be covering the PS5. And by that, we mean the actual PS5. Not rumours, not speculation, but concrete, official details on the next-gen console itself. It's been a wild ride to say the least. Of course, as...

  • Poll Have You Changed Your PSN Name?


    After years of waiting, you can now change your PlayStation Network ID whenever you like. What a crazy world we live in. Sony introduced the functionality earlier this week, and we know a few people who have already taken advantage of it. Well, aside from our own Ant Dickens, whose very name is deemed inappropriate. Ant's a lost...

  • Poll Are You a Big Borderlands Fan, and Are You Hyped for Borderlands 3?

    Hell yeah or heck no?

    Phew, Borderlands has come back with a bit of a bang recently, hasn't it? With the official announcement of Borderlands 3 after what feels like a lifetime of waiting, everyone seems to have gone mad for Gearbox's lootin' shootin' adventures. Even the original Borderlands has resurfaced as a PlayStation 4 remaster, which, out of...

  • Talking Point Should All Games Have an Easy Mode?

    How important is accessibility in gaming?

    With the recent release of Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, the conversation surrounding accessibility in video games has been rekindled. Sekiro's an unforgiving title that even hardcore players can have trouble with, but would it ruin the game for it to have an easy mode for those who just want to take in the...

  • Game of the Month Best PS4 Games of March 2019

    Students, agents, devils, and demons

    Phwoar, March was some month for PlayStation 4. Sony's console was showered with several top quality titles -- especially if you're a fan of fast and frantic action -- and as per usual, we've gathered the Push Square team in order to determine our Game of the Month. After an incredibly close staff vote, here's...



  • Poll Are You Happy with Your PS Plus Games for March 2019?

    Plus or minus?

    March 2019's PlayStation Plus lineup has been announced, but are you happy with it? To recap, subscribers are getting two highly rated PS4 titles: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered, and The Witness. What do you think of the selection? What game are you most looking forward to playing? Vote in our polls, and then feed us your...

  • Poll Have You Bought ANTHEM? What Are Your First Impressions?

    Any good?

    Well this was an obvious Friday poll, wasn't it? Out today on PlayStation 4, ANTHEM has been met with middling reviews and countless YouTube videos claiming that it's a steaming pile of sh*t. According to some, it's quite possible the worst video game ever made, but hey, we're... Kind of enjoying it so far. It seems okay. But these polls...

  • Poll Do You Think Sony Is Telling the Truth About Cross-Play?

    Open the gates

    Ah, cross-play. Everyone's favourite subject just got unearthed from its still-warm grave earlier this week, when Sony basically came out and said that despite popular belief, developers are free to request cross-play functionality for their games. This was in response to a number of studios supposedly calling Sony out on its...

  • Poll What Did You Think of The Division 2 Beta?

    Agents unite

    The private beta for The Division 2 has now come and gone, and we're here, as always, to ask the obvious. We were left quite impressed by the beta (you can read our hands on feature here), and the reactions that we've seen around the web have seemed pretty positive. With the full game due out in just over a month, we just have to ask:...

  • Poll What Do You Think of Apex Legends?


    It came out of nowhere and it's been available to play for roughly a week at the time of writing: Apex Legends has had a much bigger impact than anyone could have really anticipated. The free-to-play character-based battle royale title from Respawn Entertainment has racked up an impressive 10 million players already, but have you...

  • Game of the Month Best PS4 Games of January 2019

    Zombies, jet fighters, hearts, and Yuri Lowell

    It's the first Game of the Month for 2019, and boy has it been a tough one. January wasn't packed with new games, but a few heavy hitters did the business, making it a big month for PS4 players. It's safe to say that the year has started well. Bronze Trophy: Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown: Ace Combat...

  • Poll What Did You Think of the ANTHEM Public Demo?

    Will you be buying the game?

    The ANTHEM public demo is over, and we won't be seeing the game again until it launches later this month. The demo was available for three days or so over the past weekend, boasting a handful of missions, a co-op activity, and some free roam adventuring. What's more, players could try out all four of the different...

  • Poll Will You Be Playing the ANTHEM Public Demo This Weekend?

    Land of the freelancer

    The ANTHEM public demo is set to go live in just a couple of hours (at the time of writing). Available to everyone via the PlayStation Store, the demo could end up being a make-or-break scenario for many players, so here's hoping that EA and BioWare get it right this time. We say that because last weekend's VIP demo was a...