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  • Poll What's Your Favourite PS5 Launch Game?

    A lot to choose from

    The PS5 has been out for more than a week now here in Europe — it's been a whole two weeks of next-gen gaming in the US — and we reckon that Sony's new system has enjoyed one of the best console launch lineups ever. Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales and Demon's Souls lead the charge, but let's not forget about solid third...

  • Poll Is the PS5 DualSense Sony's Best Controller Yet?

    It's time to Dual

    The PS5 has been out for at least a week now (depending on where you live), and we want to know what you think of the DualSense — the console's high-tech controller. Featuring advanced haptic feedback functionality, adaptive triggers, and a built-in microphone, it's a premium piece of kit, and a key PS5 selling point. Here at...

  • Poll Have You Experienced PS5 Coil Whine?

    Whirred and wonderful

    PS5 coil whine has been perhaps the biggest complaint of next-gen early adopters. While Sony’s new console is undoubtedly quieter than its PlayStation 4 range, some users are reporting an irritating whistling sound when playing graphically intensive games, like Demon’s Souls. This can range from a whining to a buzzing to a...

  • Poll Did You Get a PS5?

    Next-gen is here

    After what's felt like a long and winding week of waiting, the PS5 has finally launched in Europe. And so, for this weekend's poll, we're going with the most obvious question: do you have a PS5? If you do, by the way, you should check out All Our PlayStation 5 Coverage. Whether you pre-ordered it months ago or somehow managed to...

  • Poll What PS5 Launch Games Will You Buy?

    Building the list

    At the time of writing, we are exactly 10 days away from the launch of the PlayStation 5 (add an extra week on if you're unlucky like us). We're all incredibly excited to get our hands on the hardware itself, mess about with the user-interface, and discover the features Sony hasn't detailed just yet. However, what's the release of...

  • Poll Are You Happy with Your PS Plus Games for November 2020?

    Plus or minus?

    November 2020's PlayStation Plus games have been announced, and it's a bit of a bumper month for the subscription service. Not only are we getting two highly rated PS4 titles — Sony's also thrown our very first PS5 game into the mix. That's right, the one and only Bugsnax debuts alongside Middle-earth: Shadow of War and Hollow...


  • Poll What Do You Think of the PS5 UI?

    What's your favourite feature?

    Sony has revealed the PS5 user interface, with an in-depth video demonstration giving us a pretty good idea of how the next-gen system will operate. Obviously we all need to go hands on with the PS5 before jumping to any complete conclusions, but in our humble opinion, the UI is looking impressively slick. But of...

  • Poll How Often Will You Use PS5 Backwards Compatibility?

    Flashback or flashforward

    Now that Sony has confirmed virtually every single PlayStation 4 title will be playable on PlayStation 5 except for a list shorter than 10, we can start to work out how often we'll take advantage of the feature. Select current-gen games, such as Ghost of Tsushima, will run even better on the next-gen console with

  • Poll What's Your New PlayStation Trophy Level?

    Level up

    Sony’s made the first meaningful change to Trophies since the system was introduced on the PlayStation 3, altering the way level progress is calculated in order to make it feel more rewarding. Previously, you could spend months – sometimes even years – on the same level, but now the math has been altered in order to give you a greater...

  • Poll Are You Happy With Your PS Plus Games for October 2020?

    Plus or minus?

    October's PlayStation Plus games have been announced, and, well... The reaction hasn't been brilliant. For starters, we've got Vampyr. By most accounts it's a decent game (we gave it a 6/10), but it's the kind of semi-forgotten title that you'd expect alongside a blockbuster. Except there is no blockbuster — there's only Need for...


  • Poll Which Peter Parker Face Do You Prefer in Marvel's Spider-Man?

    Original, or Remastered?

    When Insomniac Games said that Peter Parker's model would be updated in Marvel's Spider-Man: Remastered on PS5, we didn't think that the nerdy protagonist would be getting an entirely new face — but here we are. A quick and easy poll for you, then: which Peter Parker face do you prefer? There's no doubt that the new face...

  • Talking Point Are You Worried About the Future of Western RPGs on PS5?

    A new era

    With Microsoft's acquisition of ZeniMax Media, and therefore Bethesda Game Studios, the PS5 has potentially lost out on a Western RPG powerhouse. Now that Bethesda joins inXile and Obsidian Entertainment under the Xbox Game Studios umbrella, the team in green has established something of a genre monopoly. Granted, it's going to be a while...

  • Poll Has Xbox's Bethesda Buyout Made You Reconsider a PS5 Purchase?

    Fus Ro Damn

    Unless you've been living under a rock for the past couple of days, you'll know that Microsoft has purchased Zenimax Media and all of its studios for a whopping $7.5 billion. They now belong under the Xbox Game Studios umbrella and so the release of future Bethesda titles on PlayStation 5 is no longer a sure-fire thing. Microsoft suit...

  • Poll Will You Buy a PS5?

    The big question

    We have a price. We have a release date. We know what the launch lineup looks like. And so we have to ask: are you buying a PS5? Sony's latest PS5 showcase has been very well received, but the su

  • Poll Did You Buy a PlayStation at Launch 25 Years Ago?

    Were you there on day one?

    The original PlayStation celebrates its 25th anniversary today in the US, and later this month in Europe. That's right, it's been 25 years since the PlayStation launched here in the West. Twenty-five! As such, we thought it might be fun to ask if you were there at launch, all those years ago. We're not trying to pin an...

  • Poll How Much Are You Willing to Pay for PS5?

    Money matters

    We’ve tackled this topic on numerous occasions before, but the PS5’s price announcement must be nearing and so it’s always worth revisiting things and getting a feel for where people’s preferences lie. So in the wake of the Xbox Series S reveal today: how much are you willing to pay for the PlayStation 5? The conversation is...

  • Poll Did You Buy Marvel's Avengers?


    Marvel's Avengers is out now on PlayStation 4, but do you plan on buying a copy? We still remember the game's official reveal at E3 2019. It was a very muddy announcement, with Square Enix failing to tell us anything about how the title actually played. The Avengers themselves looked like knockoffs, and the mere mention of "no...



  • Poll What PS5 Information Do You Want Most?

    Price? Release date? Launch games?

    It feels like an age has passed since the PlayStation 5 was revealed. We're all sitting here hungry to hear more, but Sony's been silent on its next-gen plans ever since the big event in the middle of June. The Japanese giant still has so much to information to share. We don't have a price. We don't have a release...

  • Poll When Will You Buy a PS5?

    The time factor

    Deciding when to pull the trigger on purchasing a PlayStation 5 will be an important factor for many. It's a verdict that represents a much weightier investment than simply buying a game, taking into account your financial situation and what stage of life you're at. Next-gen consoles are always pricey at launch, and so we want to...

  • Poll Did You Get Free PlayStation Store Credit from Sony?

    PlayStation Plus plus

    Late last week, Sony started sending out free PlayStation Store credit to PlayStation Plus subscribers. Some users had £10/$10 automatically added to their PlayStation account in celebration of PS Plus' 10th anniversary, and they were told of this through the notifications screen on PS4. However, not everyone was lucky enough...

  • Poll What Review Score Would You Give Ghost of Tsushima?

    Sharpened steel

    Ghost of Tsushima has been out for a full week now, and as always, we want to know your thoughts. The game's already been a huge success for Sony -- news just broke that the title sold through a whopping 2.4 million copies in just its first three days on the market -- but do you think that it deserves the hype? That's what we're here...

  • Poll Did PS5 or Xbox Series X Have the Better Next-Gen Showcase?

    First impressions

    Microsoft just closed the curtain on its Xbox Series X showcase, which means both Sony and its Redmond rival have now revealed their first hands in the next-gen fight. It’s important to remember that both manufacturers will have plenty more to show in the future, but these livestreams are the inaugural sales pitches from the two...

  • Poll What's Your Favourite PS4 Game of 2020 So Far?

    The community decides

    It might not have felt too much like a summer drought thanks to the releases of The Last of Us: Part II and Ghost of Tsushima, but we are slowly approaching the business end of the year. More big PlayStation 4 games are on their way, and not to mention the PlayStation 5 launch, and so we wanted to take a quick look back at what...

  • Poll Would You Still Pay for PS Plus if Online Multiplayer Was Free Elsewhere?

    Paradigm shift

    There are intensifying rumours that Microsoft is planning to scrap the multiplayer paywall on its Xbox consoles, meaning that you wouldn’t need to pay a subscription fee to play online. It’d be a bold move considering the Redmond firm was the first to introduce such a scheme on consoles, but would it impact your relationship with...

  • Poll Did You Buy Ghost of Tsushima?

    Greetings, samurai

    It's been a busy couple of months for Sony and PlayStation. Not only have we been shown the PlayStation 5 in action, we've been lucky enough to play two stellar PlayStation 4 exclusives: The Last of Us: Part II, and Ghost of Tsushima. The latter has just released on Sony's current-gen console, and as always, we're here to ask...

  • Poll Would You Pay $70 for a Brand New PS5 Game?

    Making the investment

    Over the past week or so, the price of games has once again become a major topic of discussion. Sparked by the next-gen NBA 2K21, the basketball simulator plans to charge its users $69.99 for a copy of the game on PlayStation 5. This is, of course, a $10 increase over what consumers have come to expect out of major AAA titles...

  • News Here's Your First Look at Official PS5 Game Box Art

    White theme

    The first official PlayStation 5 box art has hit the Internet via the PlayStation Blog and it looks absolutely gorgeous. See for yourself: Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales is used to show off a similar layout to PlayStation 4 physical retail boxes, but this time around the packaging dons a white rim on the top and sides. It's...

  • Poll What New PS5 Games Are You Most Excited About?

    Time to get hyped

    A few weeks ago, the Push Square team came together to discuss the new PlayStation 5 games we're most excited about. Our list included the likes of Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart, Resident Evil Village, and Demon's Souls. However, do your tastes align with ours?

  • Poll Which Version of the PS5 Do You Plan to Buy?

    To physical or not to physical

    That there are two versions of the PlayStation 5 came as a bit of a shock, and it’s something we haven’t really discussed yet. Unlike what’s being rumoured for Xbox – that is two disparate models, with a more affordable alternative to the Xbox Series X still to be announced – Sony’s essentially unveiled two...


  • Poll What Is Your Preferred Game Length?

    Finding the sweet spot

    What is your preferred game length? Obviously, it’s hard to pin a uniform number on this question as it depends on the context; RPGs generally take longer to complete than your average character action game, but at what point do you feel like you’re getting value for money? Do you like your titles to clock in with 50 hour...

  • Poll Did You Buy The Last of Us 2?

    Can't be for nothing

    You knew this poll was coming, didn't you? The Last of Us: Part II released today -- that's the 19th June 2020 at the time of writing -- and we want to know if you've snapped it up. We've been waiting a long, long time for this one. The PS4 sequel was first announced all the way back in December 2016, and now -- after multiple...

  • Poll How Much Do You Think the PS5 Will Cost?

    And the PS5 Digital Edition?

    The PS5 has been revealed, but how much is Sony's next-gen box going to cost? This is a question that we've asked the Push Square community before. Back in October of last year, after the first PS5 details had been made public, we wanted to know what you thought the price tag might look like. Here's a quick recap on...

  • Poll Did You Miss E3 2020 Last Week?

    The world turns without convention

    Believe it or not, last week should have been E3 2020. The show was cancelled due to coronavirus, of course, but incredibly the global pandemic was the least of its problems. News of a new direction – a so-called “influencer festival” – emerged last year, before PlayStation once again decided to pull out...

  • Poll What Was Your Game of the Show at the PS5 Reveal Event?

    A lot to choose from

    And just like that, the long awaited PS5 reveal event is over. Done. Finished. A mere memory. Well, until the next time Sony decides to show something, at least. In any case, it was a stacked showcase. The Japanese giant brought a boatload of PS5 games along for the ride, from first-party blockbusters to intriguing indies. If...

  • Feature The Results for Our PS5 Predictions Quiz Are In

    How did you do?

    A couple of days before the highly anticipated PS5 reveal event, we published a classic Push Square predictions quiz, asking our community to make educated guesses about what would be shown during the presentation. The quiz was made up of 20 yes or no questions, and now that the showcase is done and dusted, the results are in. So,...

  • Feature Predict Sony's PS5 Event with This Yes or No Quiz

    Back in action

    After what feels like an eternity of waiting, the PS5 event is finally happening. And to help everyone get into the spirit of things, we've prepared a Push Square classic: a predictions quiz comprising of 20 yes or no questions. That's right, we want you lot to predict what will happen during the showcase. We'll be taking a look back...

  • Poll Predict The Last of Us 2 Review Scores

    Another win for Sony?

    The Last of Us: Part II is almost here. Naughty Dog's long awaited sequel is just over a week away from launch, and the reviews are due to drop on the 12th June. But how well do you think Sony's latest blockbuster will fare? That's what we're here to find out. If you're a longtime reader of Push Square, then you'll know that...


  • Poll Are You Happy With Your PS Plus Games for June 2020?

    Plus or minus?

    Well that was a bit of a wild ride, wasn't it? First Marvel's Spider-Man was rumoured to be a PlayStation Plus game for June, but as we warned, the speculation was based on a known PlayStation Store bug, and it came to nothing. Next, Sony actually confirmed that Call of Duty: WWII was one of June's games, a whole three days before the...

  • Poll Are You Happy with the Way Sony Is Handling the PS5 Reveal?

    Patience is a virtue?

    Look, you're sick of hearing about it and we're sick of writing about it. But it feels like the world of PlayStation is locked in some kind of chronostasis until Sony finally drops the PS5 bomb. Sure, we've got The Last of Us: Part II and Ghost of Tsushima coming up soon, and it's fantastic that the PS4 can still say that it...

  • Poll How Will You Play Ghost of Tsushima?

    Samurai Cinema? Japanese voices?

    Ghost of Tsushima has finally emerged from the shadows with an impressive gameplay blowout. We got 18 minutes of footage to trawl through thanks to Sony's latest State of Play broadcast, and simply put, we can't wait to play it. But how will we actually play Ghost of Tsushima? For those who don't know, the game...

  • Poll Are You Noticing PS4 Loading Times More Since PS5's Reveal?

    Sit tight

    Sony’s hoping to practically eliminate loading times with the PlayStation 5’s super-fast SSD hard drive, but has all the talk of next-gen efficiency prompted you to pay more attention to PlayStation 4 delays? This author’s been catching up on Assassin’s Creed Odyssey in the wake of Ubisoft’s recent Valhalla reveal, and whi

  • Poll How Much Do 'True' Gameplay Trailers Matter to You?

    No bullsh*t

    Following Microsoft's Xbox Series X stream, in which it promised a first look at next-gen gameplay, a discussion surrounding trailers has erupted. By no means is this a new topic of conversation -- the argument that gameplay trailers are far more important than cinematic videos has been around for generations -- but the Xbox Series X...

  • Poll Are You Happy With Your PS Plus Games for May 2020?

    Plus or minus?

    May 2020's PlayStation Plus lineup has been confirmed, and as always, we're here to ask what you think of it. Subscribers are once again getting two PlayStation 4 titles this month: Cities: Skylines and Farming Simulator 19. It's a strange selection in that PlayStation usually lumps together two games from totally different genres,...





  • Poll Are You Happy With Your PS Plus Games for February 2020?

    Plus or minus?

    February 2020's PlayStation Plus games have been revealed. Subscribers are actually getting three PlayStation 4 games instead of two, but one of them does require PlayStation VR. The lineup includes BioShock: The Collection, The Sims 4, and PSVR title Firewall Zero Hour. We reckon that's a pretty good haul, and we've seen many people...

  • Poll How Much Does PS5 Backwards Compatibility Matter to You?

    Back to the future

    Sony has confirmed that the PlayStation 5 will be backwards compatible with PlayStation 4 games, but that's all we know right now. Rumours have been swirling for months that the next-gen console -- set to launch later this year -- will also be able to play old PS3, PS2, and PSone titles as well, but there's very little evidence to...

  • Poll Will PlayStation Exclusives on PC Affect Your PS5 Purchasing Intent?

    A new Horizon

    Reports emerged overnight that Guerrilla Games’ huge open world role-playing hit Horizon: Zero Dawn will launch on the PC at some point this year. This author has to hold his hands up: it’s something we never thought would happen. And while we’re still waiting for official confirmation from the Japanese giant, it sounds like more...

  • Talking Point Is Sony Right to Skip E3 2020?

    Jumping ship

    Is Sony right to miss out on E3 for the second year in a row? The Japanese giant announced overnight that it won't be attending E3 2020, saying that the Los Angeles event simply isn't the right venue for PlayStation 5. The company's statement comes across as somewhat prickly, but it's been reasonably clear for a while now that there's...

  • Poll What PS5 Box Design Should Sony Adopt?

    Make a case

    Here’s food for thought: what design will the PlayStation 5’s boxes adopt? We already know that the device will include a Blu-ray player, so it’s unlikely you should expect a different shape or size of case to the PlayStation 4 – it’s not like it will have to accommodate Nintendo Switch-sized cartridges all of a sudden, for...

  • Poll What's Your Most Anticipated PS4 Game of 2020?

    Place your votes now

    We've had our say, so now we turn the question over to you. It is time for the Push Square community to once again select the PlayStation 4 games it is most excited about for the year of 2020. It's a bit of a weird one this time around, what with the PlayStation 5 and its selection of launch games looming on the horizon, but...

  • Poll What Are Your Thoughts on the PS5's Logo?

    An icon

    Want an indication of how big the PlayStation 5 is going to be? Sony revealed the system’s logo at CES 2020 overnight, which uses the exact same typeface as the PlayStation 4’s logo. At the time of typing, the symbol has attracted over four million likes on Instagram, and countless more on Facebook, Twitter, and other official social...

  • Poll Are You Happy with Your PlayStation Plus Games for January 2020?

    Plus or minus?

    January 2020's PlayStation Plus games have been revealed, kicking off a whole new year of technically free goodies for subscribers. With its sights potentially set on new players who have just snagged a PlayStation 4 for Christmas, Sony's offering Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection and, er, Goat Simulator. Based on what we've...