God of War PS4 PlayStation 4 Theme
Image: Sony

A few days ago, Sony and Santa Monica Studio celebrated the first anniversary of God of War with a couple of free goodies, such as the above PlayStation 4 theme. It's a nice gesture in itself that fans will certainly appreciate, but little did we know that there's more to it than you might first think.

Ever vigilant Reddit users have spotted a secret message carved into the side of the boat, which floats front and centre in the theme. As you can see below, it's written in Nordic runes, but it's of course been translated into English. It says, "Ragnarok is coming."

God of War PS4 PlayStation 4 Theme Hidden Message
Image: Reddit

Ragnarok in Norse mythology is, essentially, the end of the world. A huge battle between the gods of the realm results in many deaths and the world being submerged in water. It certainly fits the bill for where the God of War series is heading, but does this message tease anything? Well, we suppose it could be teasing the sequel, but it's surely far too early for that. It's probably a fun easter egg and not much more.

Are you ready for Ragnarok in God of War? Did you spot this hidden message already? Summon your axe in the comments below.

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