God of War PS4 PlayStation 4

Rumours, rumours everywhere. We're warming up to the next generation of gaming hardware, and in this period, you usually see some pretty crazy things being shared around. One of the latest rumours doing the circuit online concerns PlayStation 4 exclusive God of War. Some believe that the Santa Monica Studio masterpiece is destined for a PC release, as with Guerrilla's Horizon: Zero Dawn. So, why is this gaining traction? It boils down to three words -- or rather, a lack of them.

The phrase "Only on PlayStation" has generally appeared on PS4 boxes and game pages throughout this generation, obviously used to denote a PS4 exclusive. Its usage has been a little spotty, and this extends to PlayStation's own official webpages for its first party titles. Case in point: the God of War page, which is currently absent of that all-important wording. It's this that's spurring on the rumour that the game will be making the leap to PC.

The trouble is, if you visit this official God of War website, it says "Only on PlayStation" clear as day. This isn't the only discrepancy you can find; Dreams, MLB The Show 20, WipEout Omega Collection, Astro Bot Rescue Mission, and Gravity Rush 2 -- all PS4 exclusives -- also don't have the descriptor on their respective pages.

We don't think the lack of this phrase should be taken as any kind of evidence for anything. It's pretty clear that it means very little, given how inconsistent it is across PlayStation's official websites and channels. Of course, now Horizon: Zero Dawn is being ported to PC, there is precedent for other exclusives to join it, but we don't think you should put any stock in this particular "proof".

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