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  • Random Kratos and Atreus Play Ball to Commemorate MLB The Show 20's Release

    God tier

    Father and son time typically involves some kind of sporting activity, and while Kratos and Atreus don’t exactly have the simplest paternal relationship, even they’re not opposed to quick game of baseball. This awesome God of War artwork posted by Sony Santa Monica to commemorate the release of MLB The Show 20 today depicts the Nordic...

  • News Sony Celebrates 15 Years of MLB The Show with Retrospective

    At bat

    MLB The Show 20 launches exclusively on the PlayStation 4 today, marking 15 years of baseball simulation from developer Sony San Diego. But how has the series evolved since its humble origins on the PlayStation 2? This celebratory retrospective trailer shows gameplay from every iteration thus far, leading up to the latest release. Home run!

  • News Win the World Series with MLB The Show 20's Online Leagues

    Flexible schedule sounds smart

    MLB The Show 20 is swinging big with its online multiplayer this year, adding Custom Leagues to its roster of options. This allows you to build your own bracket, set your own rules, and enjoy the action as part of a flexible schedule. Essentially, the latter means that if your pals are online, you can opt to play your...

  • News MLB The Show 20 Teases Tweaks in Gameplay Premiere

    Struck out

    Well, as promised, here’s your first look at MLB The Show 20’s gameplay. As was the case last year, the developer’s packed the trailer with teases of tweaks, and it’s up to the community to uncover them. We noticed some adjustments to the fielding, as well as what looks to be a new Showdown mode – although we’re not entirely...

  • News Sony to Reveal the Magic of MLB The Show 20 This Week

    Strike one

    MLB The Show 19 is the best-selling baseball game ever made, but Sony San Diego’s not sitting still. MLB The Show 20 will launch in a couple of months, and the developer’s got a world gameplay reveal lined up for 22nd January. Presumably, this will centre on all this year’s new features and updates, so fans will want to keep an eye...

  • News MLB The Show 19 Is the Best-Selling Baseball Game of All Time

    Home run

    MLB The Show has always been a popular franchise, but the 2019 instalment is the best-selling baseball game in United States history. According to the NPD Group, which tracks both physical and digital game sales across the country, full-game dollar sales of the latest instalment in the baseball simulation series “have now surpassed those...

  • News Sony to Develop Critically Acclaimed MLB The Show Series for Other Consoles

    No, really

    Looks like Major League Baseball was not satisfied with the best sports game on the market being exclusive to one platform, as from the 2021 instalment, MLB The Show will no longer be exclusive to PlayStation consoles. The bizarre twist here is that Sony San Diego will continue to be the series’ developer, meaning that the first-party...

  • Guide How to Play MLB The Show 19 on PS4

    All the basics for baseball beginners

    MLB The Show 19 is, as far as we’re concerned, the best sports game available on the PlayStation 4 right now. It is, however, incredibly niche. Unless you live in the United States or parts of Asia, there’s a good chance you may not know baseball’s rules – pretty tricky if you’re planning to play a...

  • News Sony's Spending a Fortune on MLB The Show 19 Commercials This Season


    Sony’s released more MLB The Show 19 trailers on its YouTube channel this month than we’ve eaten custard creams. The company’s really pushing this season’s game hard, which makes sense considering it’s a very consistent seller in the United States. In fact, it’s blowing so much marketing budget that it’s released multiple...

  • News MLB The Show 19 Will Let You Play a Season in Accelerated Fashion

    Can you win the World Series?

    The baseball season is long and gruelling and there ain’t no one got time to play through that on the PlayStation 4 – but fortunately Sony San Diego has a solution. MLB The Show 19 will feature a new mode named March to October, which will enable you to play the key moments in your chosen team’s campaign for World...

  • News Bryce Harper Fronts MLB The Show 19's Cover in His New Phillies Uniform

    Streets of Philadelphia

    The seemingly never-ending off-season saga involving right fielder Bryce Harper has concluded, and that means MLB The Show 19 has a cover. The bearded batsman can be seen in his new Philadelphia Phillies uniform, pouting at the camera. Previously, developer Sony San Diego had been forced to use placeholder artwork of the...

  • News MLB The Show 19 Gameplay Trailer Rewind Reveals New Features

    Life's a bunt

    Remember that rad MLB The Show 19 gameplay trailer from earlier in the week? Sony San Diego has returned to PlayStation’s official YouTube channel to breakdown all the new features teased in the two-minute gameplay clip. In the video, game designer Ramone Russell introduces changes to Road to the Show, as well as a slew of new...

  • News MLB The Show 19's Debut Gameplay Trailer Takes to the Field

    Striking out

    It’s almost time for Spring Training, which means that Sony’s about to put MLB The Show 19’s marketing machine into gear. San Diego Studio’s taken to the PlayStation Blog to showcase the first gameplay trailer from this season’s instalment, which you may recall has free agent Bryce Harper on th

  • News Free Agent Bryce Harper Fronts MLB The Show 19

    What jersey will he wear?

    Soon to be former Washington Nationals hot shot Bryce Harper will front MLB The Show 19 – but what jersey will the free agent wear? The six-time MLB All-Star and former Rookie of the Year will begin his journey into a new franchise as the star of Sony’s flagship sports series, with developer San Diego Studio partnering...

  • News MLB The Show 18's Road to the Show Bats Away Microtransactions

    Pitch perfect

    While other publishers are frothing over the prospect of adding microtransactions to their games, Sony is taking them out of MLB The Show 18’s flagship single player Road to the Show mode. The campaign – which sees you create a player and work your way through the Minor Leagues before hitting the big time – will no longer allow...

  • News MLB The Show 18 Hits a Home Run with Revamped Hitting Engine

    Babe Ruth pinch hits roster

    Sony’s released the first gameplay trailer of MLB The Show 18, which is scheduled to take the field on 27th March. Reading between the lines of the PlayStation Blog post, this very much sounds like an iterative update on last year’s outstanding entry, with all of the franchise’s most popular modes making a comeback...

  • Round Up Have MLB The Show 17's PS4 Reviews Hit a Home Run?

    Out of the park

    It's one of Sony's most commercially successful exclusives every single year, but we rarely give Sony San Diego's acclaimed baseball series the time of day here at Push Square. That's because we're British and are waiting for London Studio to put together Rounders The Show 17. Anyway, while we're not entirely sure whether we're going...

  • News MLB The Show 17 Is Kinda Like an RPG Now

    Play ball

    Sony San Diego iterates on its baseball series every single year, and with MLB The Show 17 it's bringing some basic role-playing game systems to the fore. In the new Road to the Show mode you'll commandeer a rookie to the role of MVP by selecting dialogue options and hitting home runs. All is explained in intricate detail courtesy of the...

  • News This Guy Didn't Understand MLB The Show 17's Commercial

    Strike three

    If there's one popular exclusive that no one ever talks about, it's Sony San Diego's uber-popular MLB The Show 17. The series sells gangbusters year-after-year in the United States, but no one bats an eyelid – and that looks likely to reoccur with the latest instalment. Still, we can't help but feel that the platform holder could...

  • News We Can't Stop Thinking About This Fixed MLB 17 Glitch

    Strong trypophobia trigger warning

    It's a funny old world, isn't it? You've got franchises like Resident Evil, Silent Hill, and Siren all striving to create the most gruesome enemies in gaming, but Sony San Diego has stumbled upon what is surely the most harrowing character model we've ever seen by accident. Below you'll see a glitch that the team...

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    Review MLB 15 The Show

    Infield home run

    It's hard to believe that MLB The Show is now celebrating its 10th anniversary. Despite dominating every other baseball title for the majority of these years, Sony's series has never shown complacency. Instead, it's aged like a fine wine, and gotten better with each new release. When booting up MLB 15 The Show, there's nothing here...

  • News This MLB 15 The Show PS4 Dynamic Theme Is Neat

    Baseball is better

    Now that dynamic themes have been available on the PlayStation 4 for a few months, we're definitely starting to see some more interesting designs. Take this MLB 15 The Show animated wallpaper, which is modelled after The Tigers. It includes crowd sounds, blue skies, and a changing television screen. This is actually one of...

  • News Yes, MLB 15 The Show Looks Stunning on PS4

    Home run

    The weather's pretty glib where we are right now, so even though we're not particularly big fans of baseball, we can certainly still appreciate this MLB 15 The Show trailer. Playing up the impending summer weather, the clip shows sultry evenings, green grass, and plenty of good hits. The main takeaway, however, is that the release looks...

  • Live Watch the First Ever MLB 15 The Show PS4 Gameplay Here

    Baseball is better

    Do you like baseball? Good, because Sony San Diego's getting ready to debut the first ever gameplay footage from the forthcoming MLB 15 The Show on the PlayStation 4 today. The stream will begin at 14:00PM PST (17:00PM EST/22:00PM GMT), and promises a look at the various new features and modes set to appear in the upcoming...

  • News MLB 15 The Show Has the Best Steelbook on PS4

    And it won't break the bank

    Sony's been – ahem – hitting it out of the park with its affordable collector's editions of late, so we're pleased to see the PlayStation 4 version of MLB 15 The Show continue that trend. Designed to celebrate the series' 10th anniversary, you'll be able to pick up the release in a wood-themed steelbook – but...

  • News MLB 15 The Show Targets Fourth Base on PS4, PS3, and Vita

    Come out swinging

    It's not getting as much attention as The Order: 1886 or Bloodborne, but MLB 15 The Show is unlikely to be anything but a homerun for Sony San Diego. The latest entry in the seminal sporting series will round out a sensational few months for the Japanese manufacturer, and in order to build some excitement, community manager Ramone...

  • News MLB 15: The Show Hits a Home Run on PS4, PS3, and Vita from 31st March

    Play ball

    As a sports game, Sony's consistently stellar baseball series doesn't get quite as much attention as its exclusive peers. It's still a big property for the platform holder, though, regularly commanding strong positions on the NPD software sales charts. MLB 15: The Show, then, is likely to be a big release when it rolls onto the PlayStation...

  • News MLB 15: The Show to Hit a Homerun at PlayStation Experience

    Clean connection

    ‘Twas the day after Thanksgiving, and all around the world, nary a word from a game developer could possibly be heard. That’s our way of saying that the industry has gone to sleep for the weekend, as there’s very little non-Black Friday related news filtering out. The best that we can do is an announcement of an...

  • News The PS4 Version of MLB 14 The Show Is the Fastest Selling Game in the Franchise

    The bases are loaded

    It seems that everyone wants to be taken to a ball game, as sales of annual baseball sim MLB 14 The Show on the PlayStation 4 have seen a massive boost. Impressively, the game's week one numbers are up a staggering 40 per cent compared with previous entries in the franchise. What's more, the bat-'em-up's multiplayer mode has...

  • News The PS4 Version of MLB 14 The Show Still Looks Absolutely Gorgeous

    Pitcher perfect

    Sony's been doing all it can to push the PlayStation 4 version of MLB 14 The Show in recent weeks, releasing a stream of trailers that have even the most ardent cricket fans among us ogling the title's impressive visuals. This latest clip is no exception, and shows off several minutes of bombastic baseball action. Helpfully, the...

  • News Sony Really Would Like You to Play the PS4 Version of MLB 14 The Show

    Just ballin'

    The newest iteration of Sony's popular baseball sim MLB 14 The Show recently released on the PlayStation 3, with the PlayStation 4 version not too far away either. Unsurprisingly, then, the Japanese giant has released a brand new trailer that highlights the many and varied reasons that you should take aim at the newer edition. The...

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    Review MLB 14 The Show

    Pinch-hit home run

    MLB 14 The Show is this year’s entry in the long running and highly respected baseball series from Sony’s own San Diego studio. Being a sports game, it’s to be expected that it ends up feeling a little like an iterative experience as opposed to an innovative one – but that doesn’t mean that there’s nothing good going...

  • News MLB 14 The Show Plays Ball with the PS4's Supercharged Hardware

    Strike one

    While the girly game of rounders is a more common pastime than baseball here in the UK, we can’t help but wish that we knew enough about the sport to give MLB 14 The Show a go. Indeed, it may not be accruing the same amount of press as other PlayStation 4 exclusives like The Order: 1886, but the sporting simulation is still looking...

  • News MLB 14's Road to the Show Just Got a New Beginning

    Become a star

    MLB 14 The Show is releasing soon, and with it marks the return of the super popular Road to the Show mode. This feature allows you to create a player that you control and improve as he embarks on a journey to become the next big star to bat in the Major Leagues. And just so that this option doesn't get stale to veterans of Sony's...

  • News MLB 14 The Show Batted Back into May 2014 on PlayStation 4

    Strike two

    Sony San Diego needs a little more time to bowl you over with MLB 14 The Show on the PlayStation 4. Following a press event in North America this week, the developer has revealed that the inaugural next-gen iteration in its critically acclaimed baseball simulation will not arrive until May 2014 – a month or so after the game takes a...