God of War has been patched to take full advantage of the PlayStation 5, and the results are phenomenal. For those who need a recap, the game ran at a sturdy 30 frames-per-second in 1080p on a standard PlayStation 4, but the PS4 Pro offered two options: Resolution or Framerate. In the Resolution mode, the game utilised checkerboard rendering techniques to output a clean 4K image at 30 frames-per-second – or you could pull the resolution down to 1080p and run it at 60 frames-per-second in the Framerate mode.

The problem is, on a PS4 Pro at least, the framerate rarely hit 60 frames-per-second, instead wavering between 40 frames-per-second and 50 frames-per-second. Playing on a PS5 locked the framerate at 60 frames-per-second, but you still had to deal with a 1080p image. Now the new patch allows you to play in checkboard 4K at a rock-solid 60 frames-per-second, without any noticeable dips or fluctuations. The image quality is razor sharp, and the performance never falters.

The comparison video above demonstrates just how good of an upgrade this really is – it truly looks wonderful running on a PS5 now. We sincerely hope that more developers are going to follow in these footsteps, and upgrade their PS4 classics so that they can sing on Sony’s new console. This is brilliant stuff.

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