We don't get to see mods very often on Planet PlayStation, but you have to admit they can be pretty darn cool. A benefit of playing games on PC is being able to utilise mods for certain titles, or even create your own, and they can dramatically change the experience in all sorts of ways. One game that's seen quite a lot of activity in this area is Resident Evil 2. This remake has inspired lots of mods, but one in particular caught our eye as we were browsing Twitter.


Yes, @MarKosRCRE, a 3D artist and Resi fan, has turned the terrifying Mr. X into Kratos from God of War on PS4. You can see it in action in the above video. Imagine exploring the spooky halls of the Raccoon City police station and, instead of the menacing Tyrant, it's the Ghost of Sparta stomping angrily towards you. It's nice to see Santa Monica Studio approve of the mod, too:


What do you think of this ingenious creation? Would Resident Evil 2 be more or less scary if you were being hunted by Kratos? Run for your life in the comments below.

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