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  • Rumour God of War III Spills Guts on PlayStation 4

    By the Gods

    It's looking like God of War III, arguably the best, and easily the most jaw dropping title in Sony's series, is coming to the PlayStation 4. If you're sick and tired of remasters, then feel free to stop reading and start complaining, but we reckon that this is at least a game worthy of another look on next-gen hardware. According to






  • News God of War Still Looks Stunning on the PlayStation Vita

    Why so serious, Kratos?

    Sony Santa Monica’s seminal PlayStation 2 classics don’t appear to have taken a hit in the transition to the small screen, as the God of War Collection is looking sharp on the PlayStation Vita. Fresh from last night’s surprise unveiling, the platform holder has released some unedited footage of the deity slaying...

  • News God of War Collection Causes Chaos on the PS Vita in May

    Slimmed to scale

    It’s currently raining PlayStation Vita games so hard that we’re going to need to prop up an umbrella shortly. Not content with officially unveiling Borderlands 2 at a swish event in Los Angeles earlier today, the platform holder has also confirmed that the God of War Collection will be wrapping its blades around the diminutive...


  • News God of War Collection Causes Chaos on PlayStation Vita

    By the beard of Zeus

    Kratos is hoping to cause carnage on a PlayStation Vita near you. Way back at GamesCom in August, Sony announced that the God of War Collection would be ripping the platform holder’s flagship handheld to pieces – but details have remained scanter than the abovementioned anti-hero’s non-existent patience. Fortunately, the...


  • News Amazon Leaks God of War: Ascension

    Update: Sony responds

    Update: A post on the Official PlayStation Blog confirms the game. The best part? The cheeky "As most of you were recently made aware, God of War: Ascension will be coming exclusively to PlayStation 3" nod to Amazon's leak. Sony tells us we'll get more information on 30th April at 8am Pacific time. That mysterious...


  • Rumour God of War IV Announcement On the Way

    By Zeus's beard!

    Hold onto your chains of Olympus: we could be nearing a God of War IV announcement. A since-deleted tweet from retailer Future Shop (via VG247 — the same store that broke the LittleBigPlanet driving game story — certainly hints at more GoW action on the way. When asked if God of War IV would be announced "as a final...