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  • News God of War Patch 1.17 Continues String of Daily Updates


    You know what they say, "A patch a day keeps the bugs away". Well, no one says that, but you've got to imagine the folks at Santa Monica Studio have been chanting this 24/7 since the release of God of War. Patch 1.17 updates the stellar PS4 exclusive yet again with the same vague note, "Various bug fixes and improvements". Apparently, version...

  • Soapbox Why God of War Needs an Expansion Pack

    Please sir, can I have some Norse?

    I’m rarely ready for a sequel immediately after finishing a game, but if Sony said God of War 2 was out next week I’d be right at the front of the queue. Without giving anything away, one of my favourite things about this game is how it feels complete and self-contained, while still very obviously being the...

  • Poll One Week Later, What Are Your Thoughts on God of War?


    One week ago, God of War launched on PlayStation 4, and it was the best game ever. Or maybe it wasn't. That's for you to decide (kind of). Last Friday, we asked you lot for your first impressions, and the poll results were positive. Most of you said that you couldn't wait to play more, and now that you've had a full week to get stuck in, we...

  • News God of War Patch 1.16 Is Here for Even More Bug Squashing

    "Various bug fixes and improvements"

    God of War has only been out for a week, but it's had numerous updates already. A patch that provides "various bug fixes and improvements" has arrived almost daily since the game's launch last Friday, and here we are with version 1.16 promising yet more polish. More polish is hardly a bad thing, of course, and...

  • News God of War Patch 1.15 Brings Yet More Bug Fixes and Improvements

    Another one

    Jeez, another God of War patch? You better believe it. This latest one comes in at around 64MB, and yet again, the patch notes are straight to the point: "various bug fixes and improvements". That's three in a row now. As always, we don't know what these bug fixes and improvements actually are, but we suppose we're grateful that...

  • News These God of War PS4 GIFs Are Dumb Fun

    You are not ready

    God of War is a pretty straight faced game, but it does have some brief moments of levity dotted through its lengthy story. What's clear is that the fine folks over at Santa Monica Studio aren't afraid to have a bit of fun with Kratos and other characters, as evidenced by the silly faces we'll be able to make them pull in the...

  • News God of War Patch 1.14 Promises Improvements, Squashes Even More Bugs

    That was fast

    Wow, Sony Santa Monica is really pumping out these God of War patches, isn't it? Update 1.14 is available to download now on PlayStation 4, but we're afraid it's not all that exciting. Much like patch 1.13, the notes simply read: "various bug fixes and improvements". Again, it's not clear what these fixes are for, but we'll...

  • Soapbox Why God of War Will Scratch Your Zelda Itch

    A link to the past

    Of all the games I expected God of War to remind me of, The Legend of Zelda was probably right at the very bottom of my list. I mean, how could the hallmarks of Nintendo’s flagship adventure franchise possibly be present in Kratos’ latest? This is a game about a paternal relationship, like The Last of Us. It has a cinematic...

  • News Another God of War Patch Arrives to Squash Some Bugs

    Just a little one

    Santa Monica Studio is rattling out these patches for God of War, isn't it? A new patch is now available for Kratos' awesome Norse adventure, bringing the game up to version 1.13. The patch weighs in at a mere 36MB, so it shouldn't take you long at all to download. As for what it does? "Various bug fixes and improvements". We...

  • News God of War's Vinyl Soundtrack Is a Thing of Beauty

    Mad dog McCreary

    God of War’s drawing plaudits for practically every portion of its masterful presentation, and Bear McCreary’s dazzling soundtrack is part of that. The great thing about the music is that captures the power and angst of Kratos, but it also seamlessly segues into more emotional segments, too. It’s really quite exceptional...

  • News Here's Why Recalling Kratos' Leviathan Axe in God of War Feels Amazing

    Good catch

    Game development is still fairly secretive these days. Developers tend to shy away from revealing how games, or details within games, turn out the way they do, so it can be a real treat when we do get a peek behind the curtain. Vince Napoli, lead systems designer on the stellar God of War, posted on his blog yesterday, going into detail...

  • News God of War Gets Ace Reversible Cover Art in North America

    Europe left in the cold

    God of War's standard cover art is gorgeous. Front and centre, Kratos and Atreus stand aboard their boat, staring down who-knows-what, while the scene behind them provides a stunning backdrop. It's a surprisingly peaceful cover, but if you picked up an American copy of Santa Monica Studio's latest, you can swap it out for the...

  • News God of War Patch 1.12 Lets You Increase Text Size

    Rest those weary eyes

    Good news if you've been struggling to read menus and on-screen text in God of War, as the latest patch lets you increase text size across the board. Update 1.12 is available to download now, weighing in at just a few hundred MB. The patch notes also mention minor bug fixes. If you want to change the text size, all you have to...

  • News God of War Didn't Look Dramatically Different When Pitched to Sony

    Given the greenlight

    Sony originally didn’t want another God of War game, and it took one helluva pitch from Cory Barlog to get the go-ahead. But this video, from way back in 2015, is what convinced the company to loosen its purse strings and give the reboot the greenlight. It was shown during a stream overnight, as captured by

  • News NPD Analyst Reckons God of War Will Have the Biggest Debut of Any PS4 Exclusive

    Daddy's home

    Just how well will God of War sell? The franchise has always been one of Sony's best when it comes to shifting units, but with the drastic change in direction, questions were being asked early on about whether core fans would be won over. Of course, now that we're sitting here on launch day and the game's reviewed unbelievably well, we...

  • News God of War's Photo Mode Looks Ace, Update Comes to PS4 Soon

    Here's an early peek

    God of War is an incredibly pretty game, so it's a bit of a shame that it hasn't shipped with a photo mode. Fortunately, as reported previously, a photo mode is in the works, and it'll be arriving as a free update in the near future. Proving that it exists (and that it looks really, really good), developer...

  • News God of War Back in Stock at Amazon on Launch Day

    Just in time

    God of War’s back in stock at Amazon UK, after being unavailable for several weeks now. The title was one of many Sony exclusives unavailable at the online retailer, and despite Kratos’ latest being restocked, you still can’t pre-order upcoming titles like Spider-Man or Detroit: Become Human from t

  • Poll What Are Your First Impressions of God of War?

    More like God of Phwoar?

    Just in case you didn't already know (seriously, where the heck have you been?), God of War is out today on PlayStation 4, and honestly, it's put us in a bit of a pickle. As regular readers know, we like to run a nice poll (almost) every Friday to round out the week. Usually it takes us a little while to come up with a good...

  • News God of War's Final Marketing Meeting Was Ruff

    Release the hounds

    PlayStation UK has been blowing its marketing budget on comedy commercials for a few years now, and it always seems to find a way to turn cringey concepts into laugh out loud clips. This new one, depicting the “final marketing meeting” for God of War, is a hoot, as it emerges that the game’s name has been misheard. The...

  • News Horizon Dev Shares Some Cool God of War Crossover Art

    Congratulates Sony Santa Monica

    At this point we all know that Sony's first party studios have great relationships with one another, sharing tech and support whenever they can. In particular, Horizon: Zero Dawn and Killzone developer Guerrilla Games is always quick to react to a new game's launch, and the Dutch studio's done it again with the...

  • News God of War Director Reacts to Gushing Reviews

    There are tears

    Too often we forget that there are real people behind the games we play, and whether the title turns out to be brilliant or a bust, passion and hard work goes into every single project. This video uploaded by God of War director Cory Barlog, as he looks at the release’s reviews for the first time, shows just how much energy is...

  • News God of War Patch Makes Day One Alterations on PS4

    Several tweaks ahead of launch

    God of War has a day one patch on PlayStation 4 ahead of its official launch tomorrow (20th April). Fortunately, the update isn't especially huge, weighing in at 593.5MB. So, what does it do? Well, nothing too exciting, but it does appear to make a few important alterations. Here are the full patch notes: Enemy...

  • News God of War Pre-Load Is Now Live on PS4

    The game's just under 45GB

    If you've pre-ordered God of War from the PlayStation Store, then you'll be happy to know that you can start downloading the game right now on your PlayStation 4. As long as you have automatic downloads enabled, pre-orders like this should start downloading as soon as they're available, but if that's not the case, you can...

  • Guide Best God of War Games Ranked

    War games

    In the pantheon of popular PlayStation intellectual properties, God of War occupies the throne room alongside other household names like Uncharted and Gran Turismo. But which is the best of Kratos’ bloody escapades to date? Ahead of the release of this year’s reimagining, we’ve returned to Ancient Greece in order to, er, order each...

  • News God of War Is Now the Highest Rated PS4 Exclusive of All Time

    And the second best game on the platform

    God of War reviews were published late last week, bringing with them a slew of plaudits for Sony Santa Monica’s latest. The title got off to an outstanding start on aggregate website Metacritic, but rather than suffer from the usual slump, it’s actually been rising up the rankings as new ratings come in...

  • Guide God of War FAQ: Everything You Need to Know

    All your questions answered

    God of War is now on the PlayStation 4 and PC, and if you haven’t read our glowing review yet then you know what you need to do. With such a major release, we figured that we’d answer a handful of your most frequently asked questions pertaining to Kratos’ latest and (arguably) greatest adventure. For more, refer to...

  • Report God of War Elevates Real-Time Visuals to New Heights

    Sony's latest is a tech powerhouse

    God of War is the best looking game we’ve ever played, but don’t just take our word for it – the experts at Digital Foundry have also heaped praise on the PlayStation 4 exclusive, suggesting that it “elevates real-time visuals to new heights while pushing the PlayStation hardware to its limits”. The end...

  • Poll Will You Be Buying God of War?

    The big one

    Well, there was really only one big talking point from this week that we could have transformed into a Friday poll: God of War. Reviews for the PlayStation 4 exclusive dropped yesterday morning, and Kratos is currently sitting pretty (don't tell him we called him that) with a 94 on Metacritic. It's safe to say that critics like it. As...

  • News Get Hyped with the God of War PS4 Soundtrack, Now on Spotify

    Very Norse

    We reckon God of War is pretty bloody good, so we're going to take a minute to plug the game's soundtrack, which is available now on music streaming service Spotify. Could be a good way to increase your hype levels if they're not already through the roof and sailing into orbit. Comprising of 21 songs, the album clocks in at over an hour,...

  • Soapbox You Should Play God of War III While You Wait for Kratos' Return

    Greek tragedy

    The new God of War is an extraordinary game and it represents a seismic shift for one of Sony’s most beloved first-party franchises, but with more than a week to go until the title tosses its axe at retailers around the world, you should fill the time with one of Kratos’ previous adventures. God of War III was quietly remastered...

  • News God of War Director Cory Barlog Gets a Special Message from His Dad

    "We are very proud of you"

    When you’re in the nucleus of any video game website, it can be hard to forget that real people work really hard to bring the titles we love to life. This message from God of War director Cory Barlog’s father posted publicly on Twitter earlier today serves as a reminder that there are actual humans behind every...

  • News God of War Details Difficulty Levels and Immersion Mode Ahead of Release

    Options for everyone

    We've known for a while that God of War will have difficulty levels that cater to both casual players and more hardcore warriors, but now developer Sony Santa Monica Studio has taken the time to explain what these difficulty levels actually are. Here are the details straight from the team's latest blog post: Give Me A...

  • News God of War Goes Over Kratos Customisation, Combat, and Character Builds

    God of more

    The latest God of War trailer's quite an interesting one, with director Cory Barlog and his team going over what you can expect from the game's -- dare we say it -- RPG elements. This includes a look at how customisable Kratos is as a playable character. You can chop and change his equipment and his combat abilities to suit your style,...

  • News God of War Director on Campaign Length: 'What Have We Done?'

    System designer spent over 40 hours doing everything

    God of War games have, historically, been tight 10 hour experiences that could be completed in a handful of sittings. But the franchise’s forthcoming PlayStation 4 soft-reboot is not a traditional entry in the franchise – and it’s going to take you a significant number of hours to complete...

  • News Trolls Take Centre Stage in New God of War Gameplay

    Don't feed them

    God of War is a promising looking PlayStation 4 exclusive, so it’s attracting a fair few trolls in the lead up to release; the good news is that protagonist Kratos knows how to bring them to their knees. Sony’s uploaded some brand new gameplay footage from the forthcoming action adventure, and once again we see a troll fight from...


  • News God of War PS4 Pro Lets You Pick Between Resolution or Performance

    The choice is yours

    God of War’s guaranteed to look stunning on the standard PlayStation 4, but if you do happen to have a PS4 Pro – or you’re picking up that spiffing new limited edition – then you will have some options to choose how you want to play it. There’ll be a 4K option, of course, which will checkerboard to 2160p as previously...

  • News Here's a Fascinating Look at Kratos' New Fighting Style in God of War PS4

    Bone breaker

    Kratos may not be swinging chained swords around like a lunatic in the new God of War, but his overhauled fighting style is still bloody, brutal, and absolutely deadly. In this latest behind the scenes video, we get a better look at how combat has been taken apart and put back together. This is where motion capture performer and...

  • News God of War Explains Atreus' Role During Combat

    Word up, son

    The challenge for games like God of War is incorporating a computer controlled companion that isn’t a hindrance. Atreus, the son of Kratos, plays a huge role in Sony Santa Monica’s latest and greatest – but this isn’t the drawn-out escort mission that it could have been. Instead, the youngster is a capable warrior in his own...

  • News God of War PS4 Has Gone Gold

    Norse one

    About a month ahead of its 20th April release date, God of War has officially gone gold, meaning development of the game itself is now complete. The game's director, Cory Barlog, took to the PlayStation Blog to say a few words about his time working on this PS4 exclusive. "This was the scariest, most wonderful thing I have ever done and...

  • News No Load Screens, No Camera Cuts in God of War Seemed 'Impossible' Says Dev

    But they pulled it off

    In case you didn't already know, God of War is delivered as one unbroken shot from start to finish on PlayStation 4. The camera never cuts away, and there are no load screens. When we first heard about this during E3 last year, we couldn't quite bring ourselves to believe it. A whole game playing out through a single shot? Is...

  • News The Gorgeous God of War May Receive a Photo Mode on PS4

    Developer would love to add one

    God of War looks absolutely incredible on PlayStation 4 -- that much we've known for some time. But what we didn't know is that the upcoming action title may well feature a photo mode, allowing you to pause the action and take some striking snaps of Kratos' latest adventure. We can't wait to zoom right in on that big...

  • News God of War Will Have Difficulty Settings for Casual and Hardcore Fans

    Pick your poison

    God of War will have a variety of difficulty settings designed to appeal to all different tastes. At the extreme ends of the spectrum, there’ll be a Story Mode for beginners who just want to experience the narrative, while character action veterans will be able to pick a hard option that has its own save file and can’t be...

  • News God of War's Crunchy New Combat Is Thrilling Critics

    Norse to know

    Sony’s finally put God of War in front of press, and to say the response has been positive would be an understatement. Twitter is currently abuzz with industry folk waxing lyrical about Kratos’ latest, and judging by this 15 minute gameplay video, it’s easy to see why – it looks extraordinary. Many of you will have seen this...

  • News God of War Is Shaping Up to Be PS4 Pro's Next Tour-de-Force

    By the Gods

    While the PlayStation 4 Pro may not be the most powerful console on the market anymore, Sony’s first-party teams have always done an outstanding job of blurring the lines between more powerful boxes. And judging by Digital Foundry’s early analysis of God of War, it sounds like Sony Santa Monica is poised to steal back the PlayStation...

  • News God of War PS4 Gets a Gorgeous TV Commercial

    Dad of war

    God of War is fast approaching. There are only a few weeks to go before we're slicing our way through Nordic nasties, and we're all very excited here at Push Square Towers. It seems that Sony is starting up the hype machine, too, as not only will we be seeing previews beginning to emerge this week, but the publisher has put out a cracking...

  • News God of War Sponsored Football Team FC Porto and It Was Weird

    God knows why

    To celebrate Father’s Day in Portugal next week, Sony partnered with football team FC Porto ahead of its game against Boavista. And the resulting collaboration is, frankly, pretty freakin’ weird. Below you’ll see the Primeira Liga team’s starting eleven, Photoshopped to look like Kratos. Yeah, these commercial deals are getting...

  • News God of War's First Unedited Gameplay Footage Dazzles on PS4

    God of phwoar

    We’ve had to wait a long time to see uninterrupted, unedited gameplay of Sony Santa Monica’s new God of War – but it looks like it’s been worth the wait. With a round of previews set to be posted imminently, b-roll footage of the forthcoming blockbuster has hit the web early, and while we’re not going to host it here for sake...

  • News No, God of War Won't Have Microtransactions, Despite Recent Rumours

    Director debunks

    Earlier today, rumours suggesting that God of War may have microtransactions started to spread. Said rumours were based on a very blurry, angled photograph of an in-game menu which supposedly showed two types of currency at the top right of the screen. Inconclusive to say the least. Naturally, this caused some knee-jerk reactions,...

  • News God of War PS4 Pro Bundle Announced

    Axe a lot

    Sony has just announced a limited edition God of War PlayStation 4 Pro console via the PlayStation Blog. Launching alongside the game on 20th April, the bundle includes the game itself and a custom 1TB PS4 Pro, as well as a rather familiar-looking DualShock 4. The console itself



  • News God of War Artist Rubbishes Downgrade Claims

    The Internet's being stupid again

    God of War is comfortably shaping up to be one of the visual treats of 2018, but that hasn’t stopped some forum frequenters to claim that the graphics have been downgraded. The criticism stems from a scene in the latest trailer, which is identical to the area shown at E3 2016. In the trailer, the location is...

  • News God of War PS4 Release Date Finally Confirmed, New Trailer Released

    Sony spills the beans

    We feel like we've been reporting for far too long on supposed release dates for the new God of War, but we at last have confirmation from Sony itself. Santa Monica's Norse-flavoured action adventure will release on 20th April 2018. It seems that cheeky Amazon page outed the real date after all. Writing on the

  • News Amazon Lists God of War PS4 Collector's Edition for April

    When is this game actually releasing?

    It really feels like Sony should announce the release date for God of War sharpish, as rumours are sprouting out of all corners of the internet. Another retail listing, this time on Amazon.com, shows a Collector's Edition for $129.99, but there are currently no further details. With GameStop listing the massive...

  • News God of War Won't Have a Season Pass

    No slicing up of content

    We still don't know when you'll actually be able to play it, but at least we can tell you that you won't have to fork out any extra cash for a Season Pass whenever God of War launches. Responding to a fan on Twitter, lead designer Cory Barlog stated that Kratos' latest adventure won't be accompanied by a whole host of...

  • News God of War's Stone Mason Edition Appears on GameStop

    A godly amount of extras

    God of War is set to receive a special edition release, which should come as no surprise. Popping up recently on GameStop, the Stone Mason Edition comes with all the usual bits and pieces you'd expect, plus a few little oddities. Coming in at $149.99, the Stone Mason Edition contains a 9" statue of Kratos and Atreus fending...

  • News God of War PS4's Combat System Promises to Be Brutal and Brilliant


    Game Informer's God of War coverage continues with a look at the title's almost completely revamped combat system. In the video that we've embedded above, the publication talks to lead gameplay designer Jason McDonald, who explains how Kratos has ended up with a magical axe as his main means of cleaving monsters in half. It's interesting...

  • Rumour God of War Release Date Leak Points to 22nd March Again

    Norse to know

    God of War antihero Kratos must have put a gagging order on the latest game’s release date, because Sony is remaining tight-lipped about the title’s launch. However, hot on the heels of a PlayStation Store leak which pointed to a 22nd March release, a Portuguese retailer has plumped up for the exact same date. Suspicious. Now...

  • News Future God of War Games Could Take on Egyptian, Mayan Mythologies

    By the Gods

    It seems as though the God of War series could potentially end up tackling whichever mythology Santa Monica Studio fancies. In a new video interview with Game Informer, Cory Barlog and Shannon Studstill (creative director and studio head, respectively) shed some more light on the latest entry, and hint at where the series might wander...

  • News Watch Cory Barlog Answer Some Quick Questions About God of War on PS4

    Dad of war

    Are there quick time events? Is Atreus going to be annoying? How many times has God of War Creative Director Cory Barlog been called Cory Balrog? You'll find out the answers to all of these questions and many more in the above video, which comes courtesy of Game Informer. It's a fun little interview that, while definitely on the silly...

  • News Sony Didn't Really Want Another God of War Game

    Cory Barlog had to convince company

    Sony wanted to give God of War a much longer rest after previous entry Ascension disappointed critically and commercially. The latest issue of Game Informer reveals that the company needed serious convincing in order to give the franchise another shot. “A lot of people throughout the organisation wanted [God of...

  • News God of War PS4 Details Incoming as Kratos Battles onto Game Informer's Next Cover

    God of more

    God of War doesn't have a confirmed release date yet, but it is supposed to be launching in the first half of 2018. Thankfully, it seems as though development is currently on track, because Game Informer have revealed that the PlayStation 4 exclusive will adorn the cover of their February issue. Naturally, this means that we can look...


  • PSX 2017 God of War PS4 Takes 25-30 Hours to Beat, Says Dev

    The longest in the series by far

    God of War director Cory Barlog has revealed a juicy detail regarding the upcoming PlayStation 4 release. During the PlayStation Experience 2017 opening presentation, Barlog stated that the game takes around 25 to 30 hours to complete. If accurate, that means it's easily the longest title in the series. We already...

  • Rumour God of War PS4's Release Date May Have Been Leaked

    For god's sake

    We know that God of War is supposedly due out in the first half of 2018, but Sony may have just accidentally leaked the highly anticipated title's release date ahead of an official announcement. Spotted by the eagle-eyed Wario64, the US PlayStation Store added a 22nd March, 2018 launch date to the game's page overnight. However,...


  • News God of War's Kratos Would Rather Punch Loot Boxes in the Face

    Show us how you really feel

    In the wake of the Star Wars Battlefront 2 fiasco, loot boxes are a hot button topic in the industry right now. And veteran God of War director Cory Barlog has revealed in GIF form how he feels about the fallout. So, as a form of catharsis for all of you, here’s Kratos punching a treasure chest in the face: It’s...



  • News Two Norse Dwarfs Will Upgrade Your Arsenal in God of War

    Blacksmith buddies

    God of War’s progression system has been more or less the same across six or seven games: you collect red orbs, feed them to your weapon of choice, and reap the rewards. However, the series’ forthcoming PlayStation 4 soft-reboot will handle things a little differently. According to an article in Official PlayStation Magazine...


  • News God of War Concept Art Reveals Harsh Weather

    Winter is coming

    Sony Santa Monica’s always been home to some of the best artists in the industry, and the team’s flexing its muscles once again with the new God of War. A batch of new concept art from the title shows protagonist Kratos and his son Atreus out and about in the Nordic wilderness – and in one image, on the verge being attacked by...

  • News God of War PS4 Will Be the Most Brutal Entry Yet


    Sony’s upcoming God of War soft-reboot will be the “most brutal” entry yet, PlayStation marketing bigwig Asad Qizilbash said at the GameStop Expo this weekend. That’d be some feat, seeing as God of War III saw you literally rip Helios’ head off – and also stick your thumbs in Poseidon’s eyes. How do you even top that? In addition...




  • News There's a God of War Skin Pack for Drawn to Death


    Drawn to Death's launched today as a PlayStation Plus freebie, but did you know that there's a God of War skin pack that you can purchase for the title? The set of six outfits inspired by Sony's character action game will allow you to outfit any one of the crude third-person shooter's characters with Kratos' famous tribal tattoos. In the UK...

  • Weirdness What If God of War's Kratos Was a Ballerina?

    Bound in chains

    There's something quite graceful about the manner in which God of War protagonist Kratos acrobatically swings the Blades of Chaos, but demoscene developer Plastic has a different kind of interpretive dance in mind for the delirious deity. As part of what is pretty obviously an April Fools' gag, it's swapped out the character model...



  • News Kratos' Son in PS4 Exclusive God of War Is Atreus

    Family affairs

    Did you think today's free God of War song was a bit of an anticlimax after the community worked hard to get the trailer up to 15 million views? Well, it turns out there was a secret hidden in the MP3. The description for the audio file states that the music is an "introduction to Kratos and Atreus". But who's the latter? Director...

  • News Download God of War's Live E3 2016 Overture for Free

    Music for the Gods

    With the news cycle currently dominated by the Nintendo Switch, there are not many PlayStation stories doing the rounds. You'll have to excuse us while we scrape the bottom of the barrel and point you in the direction of God of War's intense Overture orchestral, which is yours to download for free right now. This is the one that...



  • News God of War Will Conceal Its Rage from PSX 2016

    That's not Norse

    God of War will suck up its anger and bottle it up for another day, as director Cory Barlog has insinuated that the reboot will not be at PSX 2016 later this year. Many had hoped that we'd get a brand new glimpse of Kratos and his son at the convention in Anaheim, but it's looking like Sony Santa Monica will be keeping the release...


  • News God of War on PS4 Won't Be the End of Kratos, and You Don't Play as the Kid

    Who's the daddy

    Behind closed doors at E3, God of War director Cory Barlog spilled a load of beans with regards to the fantastic looking PlayStation 4 exclusive, and thankfully, Level Up were there to absorb all the juicy information. According to the series veteran, Kratos' upcoming adventure won't be his last, hinting that Sony has further plans...

  • News God of War PS4 Axes Multiplayer

    Single player is the one and only focus

    Remember God of War: Ascension's multiplayer mode? As far as we can remember, it was actually pretty cool, but the competitive component won't be making a return in God of War on PlayStation 4. That's according to director Cory Barlog, who spoke to Level Up at E3 2016. Truth be told, we're fine with the...

  • News God of War PS4's E3 2016 Reveal Has Had a Crazy Positive Reception

    Happy father's day

    Fun observation: God of War's E3 2016 reveal has been watched almost eight million times on YouTube, making it the second most watched video of the show – and the 12th most popular video on the official PlayStation channel of all time. Battlefield 1 has a few more views than Santa Monica's latest, but they're pretty neck and...

  • E3 2016 Kratos Sees Godhood as a Disease in God of War PS4

    And the side-effect is rage

    We're going to see a new side to Kratos in God of War on PlayStation 4. The angry anti-hero has been given a second chance, but he's still struggling to keep his rage under control. According to creative director Cory Barlog – who's returning to the franchise after leading development on God of War II – he sees his...

  • E3 2016 Lost Planet 3 Writers Penning God of War PS4's Story

    Good news

    We commented during Sony's E3 2016 press conference that the writing in God of War's spectacular PlayStation 4 revival seemed really strong, and now we know why: Rich Gaubert and Matt Sophos – the scripting double-act behind the surprisingly tenderly written Lost Planet 3 – are handling most of the story. Good news, then. While Lost...

  • E3 2016 We Came So Close to Getting an Egyptian God of War

    Oh, Mummy

    God of War is back, and it's looking better than we ever could have imagined. Kratos has returned, but this time he's got a new set of Gods to deal with – all from Norse legend. "We are parsing it as the time in which the Vikings spoke of their Gods walking the Earth," creative director Cory Barlog told a panel at E3 2016, as reported by...

  • E3 2016 God of War PS4's Set After God of War III

    Not a total reboot, then

    One question we had following God of War's amazing demo during Sony's E3 2016 press conference this week is whether it's a continuation of the events that have taken place in previous games – or if it's just a complete reboot, with Kratos pulled into a different mythology. According to creative director Cory Barlog,...

  • E3 2016 God of War PS4 Is Not What You Expected, Looks Stunning in Gameplay Demo

    The rage of a Spartan never dies

    Wow, what an opener that was. Sony started its E3 2016 press conference on the front foot, dealing out a God of War PlayStation 4 gameplay demo, and it's honestly not what we expected. For a start, the property's trademark combat has seemingly been altered to a large degree, with fights now resembling an action game...