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  • News Netflix's The Witcher Series Arrives in Late 2019

    Geralt a load of this

    Netflix, the huge, subscription based entertainment giant, is currently producing a TV adaptation of The Witcher, following the immense success of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. All we've seen so far, though, is a very brief preview of Henry Cavill in character as Geralt. We should get to see a little more pretty soon, as it's




  • News This Is What Geralt Looks Like in The Witcher Netflix Series

    Geralt of Rivia, witcher

    And there he is, actor Henry Cavill as Geralt of Rivia in Netflix's upcoming The Witcher series. Most will probably know Cavill as Superman from the DC movies, but his portfolio stretches quite a ways beyond that. Hopefully he's a good fit for the White Wolf. If you've played The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, you'll probably be...

  • News PS Plus Subscribers Scoring Three Months of Netflix Free

    Netflix and brill

    If you’re a PlayStation Plus subscriber in North America then you may want to check your email, because there could very well be a gift from Netflix waiting for you. The platform holder’s sending out free three month subscription codes to select users, and these work even if you already have an active membership to the video...



  • News Buy a PS Plus Sub for Three Months of Netflix Free

    PS Plus and chill

    Sony regularly offers PlayStation Plus promotions on the PlayStation Store, and its latest offer will see you score a three month membership to Netflix for free when you add 12 months to your current subscription. The deal – which is live across Europe right now – ends on 24th August, so you’ve got about a week to take...



  • News There's Netflix Series Based on The Witcher in the Works

    Geralt a load of that

    Polish animation studio Platige has revealed that it's working on a new series with streaming giant Netflix that's based on The Witcher. Tomek Baginski, a respected Polish animator and director, is helping head the project. Already sounds quite promising, doesn't it? Given that Platige is primarily an outfit that specialises...


  • News There Will Be a PS4 Slim, But This Isn't Proof of It

    Netflix reckons a 'revision' is coming this Fall

    Let's get one thing straight: there's going to be a revised PlayStation 4 model eventually. Like the passing of time, it's inevitable that Sony will slim down its super machine in order to encourage early adopters to darn well double dip like puppets. We've already seen some fake photos of what this...



  • News PlayStation 3 Is the Most Popular Platform for Netflix in the World

    Connected consoles

    More people stream Netflix to their televisions with the PlayStation 3 than any other device in the world, platform holder Sony has announced. Considering the sheer number of compatible gadgets and set-top boxes available, it's easy to understand why the company is shouting about the statistic. "PlayStation 3 is our largest...


  • Guide How to Get US Netflix on Your UK PS3

    It's easy!

    Netflix came to the UK PlayStation 3 recently but if you've been jealously eyeing up the selection enjoyed by your friends over the pond, salvation is at hand. Connecting your PS3 to the US Netflix library is unbelievably easy, and we're here to tell you how. First things first: this only works if you're connecting wirelessly through a...


  • News CES 2012: PlayStation Vita Sells 500,000 Units, Getting Netflix At Launch

    Speaking during Sony's CES 2012 press conference last night, not-quite-president Kaz Hirai revealed that the PlayStation Vita has sold a respectable 500,000 units since its launch in Japan just 20 days ago

    The numbers look great when stacked up like that, but it's hard to forget that the system sold just over half of that tally within its opening weekend, before taking a significant dip in the days..

  • News Netflix is Coming to PS Vita

    Ready your queue

    Sony's executive deputy president Kaz Hirai took to the stage at CES today to announce that Netflix will be bringing its video streaming service to PlayStation Vita in the United States. Hirai added that Netflix is aiming to have the app ready for the system's launch come 22nd February. It's unclear whether Europe will see the app...

  • News Netflix Launches In UK & Ireland, Subscription Prices Confirmed

    Looks like the launch of that PlayStation 3 application last week was an omen -- as Netflix has announced that it has officially launched in the UK and Ireland

    New customers signing up to the service can get a free month's trial, with subscriptions costing £5.99 (or €6.99) per month from there on out. The slender launch content offering includes TV shows (Prison Break, Arrested Development, etc)..

  • News Netflix Pops Up Unannounced On UK PlayStation 3s

    Looks like Sony's started rolling out Netflix on PlayStation 3s across the UK and Ireland

    A quick check on our own system confirmed the icon for the digital movie streaming service under the TV heading of the XMB. Clicking on the application prompts a small 13mb download. After tremendous success in North America, Netflix confirmed it would be...


  • News Netflix Heading To The UK Next Year

    Popular US movie streaming service, Netflix, is heading to the UK next year according to a report

    The company intends to start its European roll-out across the UK and Ireland "via a range of consumer electronics devices capable of streaming from Netflix, as well as on PCs, Macs and mobile tablets and phones". While Netflix is remaining coy as to which platforms will support the service,..

  • News Updated PlayStation 3 Remote Controller To Launch Later This Month

    Sony's prepping an updated PlayStation 3 remote controller for "late October"

    The updated device will include support for various Sony products, in addition to Netflix. In order to enable these additional functions, the peripheral will include new channel and volume buttons at the base of the unit. No price has been announced yet, but expect it to be in the region of $25. [Thanks Joystiq]




  • News Search Added To The PlayStation Version Of Netflix

    Netflix has just become a touch easier to use on the PlayStation 3, thanks to the addition of search functionality

    While the PS3's version of Netflix won't be going disc-less for a couple more months, it will in the least be that tad easier to use. Joystiq reports that you'll be able to sort releases by letter, aswell as being more specific if you choose. Why this wasn't a feature in the first..

  • News Netflix Goes Disc-Free On PlayStation 3 By October

    While releasing a disc to get Netflix on PlayStation 3 as early as possible was a good move -- we doubt anyone would prefer having to fiddle about with external media when they could have an app for catching up on movies installed onto the PS3 itself

    Thankfully Netflix has got your back, as they're planning to make Netflix Streaming a PlayStation 3 application by the end of October. Delivering the..

  • News Netflix Heads To Canada-Land This Fall

    Are you Canadian and in need of streamed video content? Rejoice -- Netflix has announced plans to extend into "America's hat" this Fall

    The service will be streaming-only and will be coming to "a range of consumer electronics devices capable of streaming from Netflix". So the PlayStation 3 then? Probably. There's no confirmation yet, but it should follow over the next few days. For now,..


  • News First Footage Of Netflix On Playstation 3

    Youtube user Otimus is one of the first people to get their hands on Netflix on the Playstation 3

    His Netflix disc arrived today, and naturally, he set about capturing footage of the new software in use right away. According to Otimus there are some issues with the service, like video only rendering at 480p, but we'll put any problems down to teething problems for the next couple of weeks and see..

  • News Netflix Discs Begin Shipping Today

    If you've signed up to Netflix's Playstation 3 service, then you should know that the company are shipping the discs you'll need to access the service today

    Jump into your inbox to check if yours has been delivered yet. Worry not if it hasn't, we're sure Netflix have a pile to get through and will get round to you ASAP. If you haven't signed up yet, you can do so here.



  • News Netflix Want To Be On Playstation 3 Aswell

    One of the big draws of the XBOX 360 is its Netflix compatibility

    Often touted as the blu-ray beater, Netflix's integration is a trump card for Microsoft. Alas, Netflix are limiting themselves as a company if they are only available on one box. They know that. Speaking with Reuters, Netflix talked about their ambition to be in all video game consoles, "Eventually we want to be on all the games..

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