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  • News Sony: We'll Never Stop Making Single Player, Story-Driven Games

    Good to hear

    If there's one undeniable thing that Sony's got right this generation, it's the PlayStation 4's first party output. Games like Uncharted 4: A Thief's End, Horizon: Zero Dawn, and God of War have absolutely blown us away, and even titles like Days Gone and Detroit: Become Human, which weren't quite as well received critically, have...

  • News Sony: We're At the Beginning of the PS5 Unveil Process

    There's much more to come

    Sony may be pointing out the obvious, but it’s admitted that it’s at the very beginning of the PlayStation 5 unveiling process. The company has already revealed some of its next-gen system’s specifications, and even demonstrated some features – like the super-fast SSD hard-drive, which allows Marvel’s Spider-Man...

  • News We Don't Know if PS5 Will Be Our Last Console, Admits PlayStation Boss

    "People told us PS4 was going to be a terrible failure"

    There’s a common view that time is running out for the humble console. While Sony’s already announced its next-gen system, many feel that we’re moving towards a future of streaming and services, and that means the PlayStation 5 could be the last of its kind. Of course, PlayStation boss...

  • News Sony Doesn't Think It Talked About PS Now Enough

    "We've actually achieved a lot"

    The streaming wars have officially arrived: except Sony’s been the sole competitor for eons now. While tech giants like Google and Microsoft make lots of noise about their impending cloud gaming services, it’s always struck us as odd how PlayStation Now has been treated like some kind o


  • News Sony: Backwards Compatibility Is Absolutely Key to PS5

    A "critical success factor" for next-gen

    PlayStation boss Jim Ryan’s purported “distaste” for backwards compatibility has been misquoted and misinterpreted for years now, but the businessman would like to set the record straight: the ability to play PlayStation 4 games on the upcoming PlayStation 5 will be “absolutely key” to the success...

  • News Sony Satisfied with Mix of Third-Party and First-Party Content

    PlayStation aims to be publisher friendly

    One of the key components of PlayStation’s success since its inception some 25 years ago is how it’s allowed third-party publishers to take centre stage on its systems. If you look back through the history of the brand, franchises like Tomb Raider, Grand Theft Auto, FIFA, and more recently Destiny have...




  • News Why Didn't Sony Show Any Indie Games at E3 2017?

    Just a change in focus

    Well, the Internet has its pitchforks ready, and it really wants to give PlayStation Europe chief Jim Ryan a big fat poke in the chest – but of all the dumb things the executive’s said recently, this isn’t one of them. Asked by Games Industry.biz about the lack of indie games during Sony’s E3 2017 press conference, the...

  • News Sony: We Believe in Europe, And Won't Let Anyone Take PS4's Territory

    Jim Ryan on solidifying Sony's fortress

    It sometimes gets lost in the predominantly United States-based gaming media just how dominant Sony is in Europe. For example, when the Xbox 360 was at its peak, the Japanese giant was actually clipping at its heels with the PlayStation 3, and that was partly led by the performance of the platform across...

  • E3 2017 Sony Welcomes the Arrival of Xbox One X

    Reckons it's good news for PS4 Pro

    PlayStation Europe bigwig Jim Ryan may have fluffed his lines on cross-console play, but he’s done a much better job addressing Xbox chief Phil Spencer’s comments on the PlayStation 4 Pro. In case you missed it, the Redmond man claimed yesterday that the PS4 Pro wasn’t in competition with the new Xbox One X...

  • E3 2017 Sony Weighs in on PS4 Cross-Console Play

    "A commercial discussion between ourselves and other stakeholders"

    There’s an air of inevitability about Jim Ryan being the first to comment on cross-console play, and Sony’s decision not to support it. The head honcho at PlayStation Europe has been in the furnace a bit after he made some controversial comments about backwards compatibility, and...


  • News Sony 'Pleasantly Surprised' by Strong PS4 Pro Pre-Orders

    That's a pro, then

    We suppose that the reaction to the PlayStation 4 Pro could be described as mixed, but its sales seem to be off to a decent start. It's dominated the best sellers list on Amazon for some time now, and we've heard from a couple of retail sources that pre-orders are looking decent in both the UK and in the US. And now Sony has...




  • News Sony Ain't Shying Away from Third-Party Partnerships on PS4

    Stronger first-party offering won't change tactics

    Sony's made up for a less than impressive first-party showing in 2015 by partnering with third-party publishers, and the strategy's worked a treat. This month alone the platform holder's threatening to run away with the holidays, thanks to exclusive PlayStation 4 bundles for Call of Duty: Black...








  • News Sony's Not Worried About PS4's Software Lineup This Fall

    Cool as a cucumber

    The word on the street is that the PlayStation 4 has no games – and a spate of delays into 2015 haven’t exactly helped the console’s case. With the likes of The Order: 1886, Batman: Arkham Knight, and The Witcher III: Wild Hunt not due out until early next year, alarm bells have been ri




  • News Sony Executive Laughs Off PS3 Super Slim Rumours

    Sly devil

    Ask Sony Computer Entertainment Europe gaffer Jim Ryan about the recently leaked PlayStation 3 Super Slim and he’ll spin you a yarn. “Which new PS3?” he told CVG when quizzed on the subject, before laughing the question off and moving on. Asked again about the hardware’s absence during the company’s GamesCom 2012 press...

  • News Sony Confirms That It's Still Backing 3D Technology

    Delving a little deeper

    Sony Computer Entertainment Europe executive Jim Ryan has confirmed that the company is still backing 3D, even if it rarely touches upon the technology these days. "I wouldn't read too much into its omission," he told CVG. "We spoke about it at E3 two years ago and everyone put their glasses on for the first time, and the...




  • News Sony Targeting Teens With New Euro-Exclusive PSP

    While much of the Internet sat bemused at the announcement of a new PSP for Europe during this year's GamesCom, we were fairly calm about it

    While the announcement of the device certainly took us by surprise, we also felt like it made a lot of sense. Sony's PSP strategy has shifted in recent years, with the platform holder targeting younger users. SCEE's new gaffer Jim Ryan confirmed the philosophy..

  • News Sony Reiterates That PlayStation Vita Is All About The Games

    While Sony focused heavily on the PlayStation Vita's variety of communication options at GamesCom, new SCEE boss Jim Ryan has reiterated that the company is putting games first with its new handheld system

    “The core principle is to provide the best portable gaming experience possible. It’s as simple as that,” SCEE’s Jim Ryan told EDGE magazine. Ryan added that he believes the PlayStation Vita..


  • News New SCEE Boss Looking To Improve PS3's Fortunes In The UK

    The UK is somewhat of an anomaly

    While the PlayStation 3 tends to fare strongly around Europe, the UK remains something of a poisoned chalice for the PS3. While successful, the XBOX 360 and Nintendo Wii tend to perform better in the region. This is something new SCEE boss Jim Ryan wants to address. “Getting to £199 is fantastic in the UK. It’s a real milestone. UK is one of the territories..