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  • News Firewall Dev Delays Announcement, Might Suggest PSVR2 News Incoming

    First Contact celebrates game's 4th anniversary

    First Contact Entertainment is the studio behind fan-favourite PSVR shooter, Firewall Zero Hour. Despite its relatively small audience, the game received pretty consistent updates for a long time, and today it celebrates its fourth anniversary. It seems the developer had planned to announce some news...

  • News PSVR2 Playable for the First Time at TGS 2022

    Via a Resident Evil Village demo

    Sony's PSVR2 headset will be playable for the first time on the TGS 2022 show floor, it's been confirmed. Attendees can sample the next-gen device through a Resident Evil Village demo, with the Japanese showcase taking place from 15th to 18th September 2022. This will be the very first time PSVR2 has been playable...

  • News Cute Platforming Sequel Moss: Book 2 Sniffing Around PSVR2

    Quill it happen?

    It looks like Polyarc’s cute platforming sequel Moss: Book 2 will tunnel its way to PSVR2 when the headset launches next year. While the developer didn’t outright confirm anything, it shared Sony’s release date news on Twitter, and added: “Can you think of a game that benefits from a two-controller setup?” It included a...

  • News Sony Confirms PSVR2's Release Date for Early 2023

    Here we go

    PSVR2 will release in early 2023, Sony has confirmed. PlayStation France was first to let the cat out of the bag, but other major regional accounts have since followed with the relatively simple message, including PlayStation UK. It perhaps didn’t take a genius to figure out that

  • News Iron Man VR Dev Is 'All-In' on Virtual Reality

    A potential PSVR2 partner?

    Could there be a new PSVR2 project from Marvel’s Iron Man VR developer, Camouflaj? Well, potentially at the very least. In an update on the Republique studio’s website, it noted that “for the sixth year running” it’s going “all-in on virtual reality”. CEO Ryan Payton stopped short of sharing any specifics,...




  • News Sony Targeting 1.5 Million PSVR2s for Launch, But Could Drop in Early 2023

    A bold beginning

    According to reliable supply chain analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, Sony intends to manufacture 1.5 million PSVR2 headsets for the second half of this year. The TF International Securities employee noted, however, that the virtual reality device could ultimately drop in early 2023, depending on the “development schedule” of game titles...

  • Rumour Killzone VR Was in Development, Could Have Switched to PSVR2

    Helghast yeah

    According to sources of the popular YouTube channel PSVR without Parole, a Killzone VR game was in development at Supermassive Games. We know that The Quarry developer teased further projects with Sony all the way back in 2018, stating that it was working on “several unannounced PlayStation exclusives”. One of these, allegedly, was...

  • News State of Play Showcase for Thursday Confirmed, PSVR2 Games Included

    Almost 30 minutes in length

    Sony has confirmed its next State of Play livestream will take place next week on Thursday 2nd June 2022, containing a "sneak peek at several games in development for PlayStation VR2" as well as "some exciting reveals from our third-party partners". Lasting roughly 30 minutes, the showcase will begin at 11pm BST / 3pm PT...

  • News PSVR2 Will Have Over 20 Major Launch Titles

    Welcome to the next dimension

    PSVR2 will launch with more than 20 games, from both first-party studios and third-party partners. While the platform holder stopped short of sharing any specific names, it was confident enough to drop the tidbit during an investor relations briefing which outlined the PlayStation division’s strategy for the near...

  • News PSVR2 Games from Wraith: The Oblivion Team in Development


    Apex Construct and Wraith: The Oblivion - Afterlife developer Fast Travel Games has dropped a not so subtle hint it has multiple PSVR2 projects in the works. Taking to Twitter, the team posted a picture of the all-new headset along with the PSVR2 logo and its own branding. Accompanying the image is the text: "We’re just go

  • News Coatsink Selected to Make Next-Gen PSVR2 Launch Title

    And it could potentially be related to Jurassic World

    UK developer Coatsink – the studio behind a number of indie games, including Phogs and Cake Bash – has been “selected” to create a launch title for Sony’s next-gen virtual reality headset, PSVR2. In a financial document compiled by publisher Thunderful, the firm said that the decision...

  • News Green Hell VR Welcomes You to the Jungle on PSVR2 in 2023

    Virtually dead

    We'll be honest: we hadn't heard of Green Hell VR before today, but it seems the game is very well received. Released for PC VR platforms earlier this year, this is a tough survival title that drops you into the Amazon rainforest and simply tasks you with staying alive. As mentioned, the reception has been pretty positive, so we're...

  • Video Please, Sony - We Need These PSVR2 Games

    Dare to dream

    PSVR2 remains in that semi-limbo state where we know it’s coming, but we still don’t know much about it – especially when it comes to software. Obviously, a handful of games have been officially announced – including Horizon Call of the Mountain – but we can still revel in the unknown, before our expectations crash back to...

  • News Acclaimed Historical Survival Medieval Dynasty Planned for PSVR2

    Build a settlement in virtual reality

    Survival games are among the most popular across all platforms these days, and Medieval Dynasty has been particularly well received on PC storefronts like Steam. The game merges hunting in the Middle Ages with tycoon-type gameplay, as you’re required to build and fortify a thriving settlement for you and your...


  • News Next-Gen PSVR2 Announcement from nDreams Incoming

    We can dream

    UK developer nDreams is fast establishing itself as one of the busiest names in virtual reality, having recently announced Ghostbusters VR for Meta Quest – among many others. Now the Fracked creator has started to tease its next title: a next-gen virtual reality release for PSVR2. “Are you ready?” it asks. The studio says that...

  • News First-Person PSVR2 QB Sim NFL Pro Era Puts the Ball in Your Hands

    Hail mary

    You’ve spent years complaining about your favourite franchise’s starting quarterback on social media, but have you got what it takes to lead your team down the field with the game on the line? That’s what NFL Pro Era seeks to determine, an upcoming quarterback sim officially licensed by the National Football League, and coming to...

  • News Sony Pictures Announces Ghostbusters VR, But No Word on PSVR2

    They slimed us

    Sony Pictures just closed out a Meta Quest livestream with the reveal of Ghostbusters VR, developed by Fracked creator nDreams – but there’s currently no word of the game coming to PSVR2. The game – which was introduced by Facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg himself – was revealed with a cinematic trailer, so is likely still...

  • News PSVR2 Games, Haven Studio All Using Unreal Engine 5

    Engine available to all developers today

    Epic Games' Unreal Engine 5 is being made available to all developers starting today, but as part of a presentation from the publisher, it's been confirmed that PlayStation VR2 titles and the new IP from Haven Studios will also be running on the new engine. It's not disclosed what PSVR2 games will be running...


  • News Game Devs More Excited for PSVR2 Than Any Other Headset

    Level up

    The promotional rollout for PSVR2 has been a bit bizarre. We’ve seen the headset and controllers now, but we know very little about its software lineup, and we’re still waiting to go eyes-on with the device. Sony has been shipping a lot of development kits, however, and the word on the street is that game makers are extremely...

  • News Next-Gen PSVR2 Games in Production at Virtual Reality Specialists nDreams

    Frackin' 'ell

    Fun fact: Farnborough-based games developer nDreams got its start making content for PlayStation Home, including the virtual world’s first ever augmented reality game, Xi. Since then, it’s become a bit of a PSVR powerhouse, creating titles like Fracked and The Assembly. And, having secured a substantial round of funding, it’s now...

  • News Sony Extremely Deliberate with PSVR2's Design, Immersion Goes Beyond Resolution

    More positive feedback on Sony's headset

    There’s a tidal-wave of optimism about PSVR2 emerging from GDC, where Sony is showcasing its new hardware in private to industry professionals. Earlier today, Chet Faliszek, a Valve veteran, described a tech demo he was treated to as “so good” and added: “You know where the world just feels different

  • News PSVR2 Is Playable at GDC and Is Already Blowing Minds

    "The world feels different when you return"

    PSVR2 is playable behind closed doors at GDC this week, and there’s already a lot of buzz seeping out of the show. Chet Faliszek, a Valve veteran, shared the following on Twitter: “Had one of those VR moments today playing in the new PSVR2 HMD. You know where the world just feels different when you...

  • News NFL Inks Deal for First-Person PSVR Football Game

    Will co-exist with Madden NFL

    While the NFL’s deal with EA Sports and Madden NFL is as strong as ever, the league is slowly but surely beginning to diversify its portfolio of products, as it seeks to reach new audiences with the sport. And one example of that is a new deal inked between the NFL and sports technology firm StatusPRO, which will see...

  • News Cutting-Edge PSVR2 Presentations Scheduled for GDC

    Coming into focus

    This may be the week we learn a little more about Sony’s next-gen PSVR2 headset, which still remains something of a mystery. While we’ve seen the hardware and controllers, and even a few seconds of Horizon Call of the Mountain gameplay, specifics like software lineups very much remain undercover. But a GDC presentation from...



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