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  • Mini Review Cake Bash - A Sweet Party Game with a Short Shelf Life

    Just desserts

    A party game about becoming the tastiest treat in a series of sugar-coated mini games? What's not to like? Cake Bash is a light-hearted multiplayer title for sweet-toothed gamers of all ages. Select an edible character and engage in a series of simple party games to determine the most delicious one of all. Get Tasty is the main mode...

  • News Cake Bash Brings Delicious Multiplayer Mayhem to PS4 on 15th October


    If you're like us and can't resist a sweet snack, Cake Bash might hit the spot. This patisserie party game has you and a few friends playing as confectionery and competing in various online or offline mini-games to become the top treat. Mini-games include covering yourself in the most candy, throwing fruit into a pie while avoiding a hungry...

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    Review Shu

    A Shu-in

    Recent years have seen the resurgence of a genre largely swept under the carpet: the 2D platformer. Perhaps encouraged by the triumphant return of Rayman in Origins and Legends, indie developers have been working hard to bring back the simple thrills of running, jumping, and then running some more. With even Sega bringing us Sonic Mania...