IGN is just one outlet fortunate enough to get hands-on time with PSVR2, and has posted the above video sharing its impressions. One small detail is what to expect from the duration of Horizon Call of the Mountain — we now know it will be roughly "6-7 hours" in length.

So, the story won't take you on some 50-hour epic as with Horizon Forbidden West, instead opting for a shorter tale. As mentioned in the video, it'll be more than just a tech demo, but won't take players too long to get through, which may be welcome news for some.

It sounds like a good length to us — long enough to spin an interesting yarn in the Horizon world, but short enough that it won't outstay its welcome. Playing any VR title for a long time can be tiring, and especially hard on the eyes, so this seems like a good middle ground. Still, fans may have been hoping for a little more given the console games are much larger.

We also learn you'll play a "disgraced" Carja soldier named Ryas in a standalone adventure that takes place during the events of Horizon Zero Dawn.

How do you feel about a shorter experience with Horizon Call of the Mountain? Clamber into the comments section below.

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