The PSVR2 turned one this year, which obviously has us feeling reflective. PlayStation’s latest VR gamble hasn’t really hit it off in the way that many expected, with an anaemic first-party release lineup and a fairly withdrawn line of communication from Sony. But has the PSVR2 really had such a disappointing first 12 months on the market?

We aimed to answer that very question when we sat down with GAMERTAG VR, a VR-specific YouTuber who covers the latest games across all VR platforms. Discussing everything from our favourite titles to our hopes for the year ahead, you can tune into our chat over on the Push Square YouTube channel.

As much as we are fans of the tech — and it is genuinely great in some aspects — we really would have expected some more first-party titles by now. And it’s frustrating to see that outside the occasional cluster of announcements, via the PS Blog, Sony doesn’t really seem to be doing much to push the headset. A year later and there is still no VR Worlds equivalent, and it’s not like gamers are able to pop into their local game shop to test out the latest releases.

However, there is a part of us that wants to remain optimistic. The PSVR2 is still home to what are arguably some of the best VR experiences available today. Resident Evil Village, Gran Turismo 7, and Horizon Call of the Mountain are all available exclusively on the platform, which may just about overrule some of those lacking library accusations. We would just like to know what’s next for PSVR2.

But to our readers here on the site, how do you feel the first year of PSVR2 has gone? Is a release like Horizon Call of the Mountain enough to warrant the eye-watering £530 price-tag? Or has Sony’s latest bid to make the PSVR2 headset compatible with PC gave you some hope for its future? Let us know down in the comments below.