Medieval Dynasty PSVR2 PlayStation VR 1

Survival games are among the most popular across all platforms these days, and Medieval Dynasty has been particularly well received on PC storefronts like Steam. The game merges hunting in the Middle Ages with tycoon-type gameplay, as you’re required to build and fortify a thriving settlement for you and your people. And apparently it’s planned for PSVR2.

According to a Polish interview with developers Render Cube and Spectral Games, as spotted by French website VRPlayer, a conversion is currently planned for Meta Quest 2 – with a PSVR2 port planned thereafter. Development of the virtual reality adaptation is going well, with one of four key production milestones already complete.

This will not be a direct translation of the existing PC release, but instead a version designed specifically for virtual reality which maintains many of the mechanics and systems of the original. In other words, the developer’s not taking the easy option of repurposing the existing game for PSVR2, but is instead looking to tailor and expand upon its concepts for the new medium.

We like the pitch here, to be honest. Survival games like Song in the Smoke have been extremely well received on the previous PSVR headset, and the incorporation of tycoon elements should add depth. We’re beginning to see more and more projects attached to Sony’s new format, though, which bodes well for software support moving forwards.

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