Wii Sports proved over a decade ago that motion controls can make sports games more compelling, and virtual reality has always felt like an evolution of that. We’re already beginning to see titles like Eleven Table Tennis explode on Meta Quest, and Blacktop Hoops could be next. Already in alpha on Facebook’s headset – and confirmed for PSVR2 on Reddit – this NBA Jam-inspired arcade basketball game will be one to watch.

The project’s being led by ex-CD Projekt RED game designer Maciej Szcześnik having been dreamed up by developer Vinci Games’ CEO Nathaniel Ventura, and is promising the ultimate one-versus-one streetball release. You’ll be able to dribble, shoot, and dunk both online and offline – with motion capture from ex-players Joey ‘King Handles’ Haywood and Jordan Kilganon powering the AI. The studio has also recruited NBA Street’s Bobbito Garcia and WNBA All-Star Renee Montgomery to emcee.

The game’s demo has already received a stellar reception on the Meta Quest storefront, and perhaps the only downside is that the developer is promising “digital collectibles” as rewards which will double as NFTs. It’s undoubtedly going to get dunked on for that! Assuming you’re able to ignore that controversial inclusion, though, you’ll be able to unlock in-game sneakers from independent streetball brands and chill to a 90s soundtrack. Is this going to ankle break your wallet when it launches next year?

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