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PSVR2 is playable behind closed doors at GDC this week, and there’s already a lot of buzz seeping out of the show. Chet Faliszek, a Valve veteran, shared the following on Twitter: “Had one of those VR moments today playing in the new PSVR2 HMD. You know where the world just feels different when you return? So good… thanks [Shuhei Yoshida] and [Greg Rice] for the demo and chat.”

This was post was later shared on the ResetEra forum, where one user mentioned that the comment sounded hyperbolic. “It’s not hyperbolic,” replied a Truant Pixel developer, who’s working on RUNNER, a motorcycle game for PSVR2.

As of yet, there’s no further information on what kind of demo Sony is showing, but PSVR2 presentations are planned for GDC throughout the remainder of this week. Are you hyped to learn more? Enter an alternate reality in the comments section below.

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