One of the best accessories for the original PSVR was the amazing Aim Controller, which utilised similar technology to the PS Move to place a real, physical rifle in your hands. While it didn’t get as much support as it arguably deserved, it was outstanding in first-party games like Farpoint and Firewall Zero Hour.

With the new technology of the PSVR2 Sense Controllers, it’s unlikely Sony will release anything like it again, although some peripheral manufacturers are already planning rifle-shaped plastic docks. Virtual Rifle Systems posted a concept on Twitter, which doesn’t look massively dissimilar to its stock already available for the Meta Quest 2.

The underlying concept here is to give you something physical to hold onto, although the company does take its philosophy further, with all manner of attachable accessories you can use to spruce up the aesthetics of your plastic firearm. Reviews have been overwhelmingly positive for its previous efforts, so expect these to prove popular when PSVR2 launches next year.