GOLF+ PSVR2 PlayStation 5 PS5 1

Smash social golf sim GOLF+ is planning a PSVR2 port. The title – already available on the Meta Quest 2, where it’s a mainstay at the top of the software charts – is an award-winning virtual reality golf game, with a huge community focus. In addition to hitting the links with life-like gameplay, you can also team up with friends and strangers in clubhouses, making this a distinctly social take on the popular sport.

GOLF+ has evolved a lot since it first launched, and now has full 18-hole courses available, in addition to practice ranges and even licensed gear. We contacted the developer to find out if it was considering bringing the sim to PlayStation 5’s virtual reality headset, and while it stopped short of sharing any specific information, a spokesperson told us that the company does “plan on porting to PSVR2”.

With the new PSVR2 Sense Controllers, it seems like Sony’s poised to bring a lot of developers back on board. Yesterday we reported that Eleven Table Tennis is also planning a PSVR2 release, while continued development on Hitman 3’s virtual reality mode bodes well for the headset as well. Hopefully the platform holder’s able to get plenty of development kits out in a timely manner, so that the launch lineup is a strong as it possibly can be.