You’ve spent years complaining about your favourite franchise’s starting quarterback on social media, but have you got what it takes to lead your team down the field with the game on the line? That’s what NFL Pro Era seeks to determine, an upcoming quarterback sim officially licensed by the National Football League, and coming to PSVR2.

You may recall this game being announced earlier in the year at GDC, but now we’ve got our first footage, courtesy of a Meta Quest showcase. The clip, which features Baltimore Ravens QB Lamar Jackson, shows how you’ll be able to read the defense, audible plays from your wristband, and even step into the locker room of your favourite team.

Honestly, this looks a lot like the excellent 2MD VR Football to us, which is already available on PSVR and plays great. Obviously, the presentation is vastly superior thanks to the official license, and this is apparently using real-world data from the NFL to make it as authentic as it possibly can be.

The press release mentions that you’ll be able to “lead your team to a Super Bowl, improve your QB skills by participating in drills, or play catch virtually with your friends in your favourite NFL stadium”, so it sounds like a robust package overall. Are you ready to channel your inner-Aaron Rodgers?