Sony has given us a little more information about its upcoming virtual reality tech for PS5, PSVR2. We've seen what the headset looks like, as well as those fancy new controllers, and now we have details on the hardware's user experience. There are several features shown off via the PS Blog, and they look like excellent additions to make playing in VR easier.

First up is the See-Through View mode. Triggered by a button on the headset or by bringing up the Card on PS5, you can swap your view from the game you're playing to a view of your real-life surroundings. This will let you find controllers, for example, or move furniture out of the way, without having to remove your PSVR2. This will come in very handy.

Another exciting new feature is the ability to define your play space. Using the controllers and the PSVR2's embedded cameras, you can map out your unique play area, creating "barriers" at the limits. So, for example, once you set up your play space, getting too close to the edge will display a warning to prevent you from walking into things — again, a very smart feature that will save some shins.

The blog post also confirms the return of Cinematic Mode, meaning you can not only play PSVR2 games designed for the device, but you can play or watch basically anything. Cinematic Mode plays these non-VR things on a virtual big screen, which has a resolution of 1920x1080. Finally, by connecting the PS5's HD Camera up while playing PSVR2, you'll be able to broadcast yourself playing, which will have more niche usage but is good to have regardless.

It sounds like Sony is going all-out with PSVR2, as these software features sound like brilliant time-savers. The blog post also says to expect more information soon, "including launch date and additional games coming to the platform".

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