As part of Sony's info explosion regarding PSVR2, developer Funktronic Labs has announced The Light Brigade. Coming to the new headset as well as its predecessor, this tactical, roguelike FPS has you using light magic to illuminate dark environments while blasting away the baddies.

Enlisted in the titular Light Brigade, you're tasked with delving into the Sunken World, which features procedurally generated locations to explore. As you progress in the game with repeated runs, you'll gradually unlock new weaponry, classes, and more to put you in better stead.

It looks like a stylised, moody experience, which will surely look a lot nicer when you have the goggles on. The game will be cross-buy, meaning you can pick it up on the original PSVR and then claim the PSVR2 version once you have the new headset. Speaking of which, PSVR2 now has a release date.

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