Horizon Call of the Mountain PSVR PlayStation VR2
Image: PSVR Without Parole

Horizon Call of the Mountain, as you may recall, was officially announced by Firesprite and Guerrilla earlier in the year. Sony showed a very short teaser trailer for the tentpole PSVR2 title, and promised more news soon. That information is scheduled to arrive during State of Play later today, as confirmed by PlayStation on social media with a short teaser clip.

That small video, as spotted by PSVR Without Parole, has seen a massive upgrade from the original trailer. While that clip was jaw-dropping – without doubt some of the best virtual reality graphics we’ve seen to date – the new one shows an enormous leap in lighting, foliage density, and overall detail.

In the video, you see a Tallneck walking overhead, and it’s important to remember just how impressive the scale of this will be in VR. Sony has a huge challenge demonstrating the experience of PSVR2 in traditional, flat-screen trailers – as PSVR owners will know, the sense of perspective is wildly different when you’re wearing the headset – but these visuals are impressive by even non-VR standards.

This is going to be an absolute show-stopper, we reckon. While there are many amazing VR games available to play, there’s been a real lack of investment in AAA content, outside of perhaps Half-Life Alyx. With the PSVR2 specifications being so far ahead of everything else on the market, and with two talented first-party teams put to task here, expect this to be a truly mind blowing title.

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