PSVR2 is Sony's next major hardware launch, coming sometime in 2023, and it's beginning to ramp things up. As well as seeing snippets of promising games for the virtual reality goggles like Horizon Call of the Mountain, we've recently had some juicy hands-on impressions to read. Now, the platform holder is beginning to push the new tech with dedicated ads, and it highlights all the bells and whistles brilliantly.

The video communicates the various fancy features of PSVR2. These include a high resolution HDR display, eye tracking technology, foveated rendering (which works with the eye tracking to prioritise visual detail in your line of sight), and a wide, 110 degree field of view. It goes on to pick out the touch detection tech in the Sense controllers, as well as haptic feedback in both the controllers and the head-mounted display, 3D audio, and adaptive triggers.

When you lay it all out like that, the headset really does sound very exciting. This has gotten us hyped up for some new-gen VR action, but what about you? Tell us in the comments section below.