PSVR2 PlayStation VR Sony 1

The promotional rollout for PSVR2 has been a bit bizarre. We’ve seen the headset and controllers now, but we know very little about its software lineup, and we’re still waiting to go eyes-on with the device. Sony has been shipping a lot of development kits, however, and the word on the street is that game makers are extremely enthusiastic about it.

Prolific virtual reality enthusiast Bradley Lynch says that, speaking to VR developers, “the current consensus is they are more excited to make their games for PSVR2 than any other upcoming head-mounted display”. He added: “That’s starting to reflect in all the company announcements as well.” Earlier this week, nDreams confirmed that it is developing new titles for the headset.

With this being the next major virtual reality headset in the pipeline, we suppose it stands to reason that developers will be enthusiastic about it. Hopefully this fervour is reflected with a strong slate of titles, because while the technology Sony’s assembled sounds fantastic, it’s the games that are ultimately going to convince punters to push the pre-order button.