Marvel's Iron Man VR 1 PS5

Could there be a new PSVR2 project from Marvel’s Iron Man VR developer, Camouflaj? Well, potentially at the very least. In an update on the Republique studio’s website, it noted that “for the sixth year running” it’s going “all-in on virtual reality”. CEO Ryan Payton stopped short of sharing any specifics, but added that “there are exciting things on the horizon, and we can’t wait to tell you more”.

Elsewhere in the update, Payton pointed out that his company is “strengthen[ing] our partnership[s] with long-time collaborators”, which we imagine would include Sony these days. Obviously we’re reading between the lines a bit here, but Camouflaj has proven itself to be a competent VR developer and certainly would make a great partner for the upcoming PSVR2.

Sony has been extremely secretive about its new headset of late, revealing a smattering of third-party ports over the summer, but stopping short of sharing any first-party titles outside of Horizon Call of the Mountain. Let’s hope it opens up a bit in the coming months, as we’re eager to see what’s in store for PSVR2.