PSVR2 has another game confirmed for 2023, and this one takes cues from tabletop RPGs. Demeo initially launched on other VR platforms last year, but is now making the jump to Sony's new headset — as well as PS5 with a regular, flat screen version.

The elevator pitch is a D&D-style game that's all about rolling dice and slaying monsters, complete with plastic player pieces and strategic abilities. The PSVR2 version sounds like the best experience; the device's headset and controller haptics and eye-tracking tech are being put to good use. If you don't grab the new hardware straight away, you'll be able to hop into the VR version when you do, as one purchase gets you both.

Furthermore, the game is cross-play with other versions of Demeo, so you can gather round the table with friends on other platforms too. Are you interested in this one? Roll for intelligence in the comments section below.