PSVR2 will be fantastic when the action is fast and frantic, but those serene moments are worth experiencing in virtual reality, too. Cities VR: Enhanced Edition is effectively an adaptation of Cities: Skylines, and it’s coming to Sony’s eye-popping new headset next year.

“When you first start out you’ll be in a large empty area, so you’ll need to attract some citizens,” developer Fast Travel Games revealed. “Build some roads and connect them to the highway so they can get in and out. Provide them with basic necessities such as electricity and water. Make sure they have a place to work and spend their hard earned money. This is the humble beginnings of your city. In time it will grow and expand as more citizens will want to move in and have more needs for you to provide.”

Being able to physically peer over your city, like it’s a small diorama you’ve designed, will make for a delightfully immersive experience. The game will be available to pre-order, alongside Sony’s own PSVR2 headset, beginning 15th November.