Wow, wow, wow! Frankly, this trailer will not do Horizon Call of the Mountain justice, but the fact that it looks jaw-dropping scaled-down on a flat-screen is testament to what we’re all about to experience with PSVR2. The sheer scale on display here at points is breath-taking – this is comfortably the biggest, most beautiful VR game we’ve ever seen.

You play as Ryas, “a former Shadow Carja Warrior who hopes to redeem himself by investigating a grave new threat to the Sundom”. As the trailer teases, climbing and archery are the key to survival, so you’ll be huge cliff-faces and taking down Machines with your trusty bow. Along the way you’ll meet up with new and old characters, including Aloy herself.

“Alongside the game’s main story, Call of the Mountain will also offer an exciting, immersive River Ride experience,” a PS Blog post reads. “Take a seat and enjoy the gorgeous views of the world of Horizon, but look out; some uninvited machines may try to come aboard!” So it sounds like you get a complete campaign and a kind of arcade “experience” – not bad!