State of Play September 2022 Reaction

So much for lowering our expectations, eh? Sony's latest State of Play — broadcast on the 13th September, just to be clear — was another near perfectly paced and packed showcase. Sony itself had framed the event as a kind of lead-up to Tokyo Game Show 2022, which kicks off this week. We were promised updates on ten PS5, PS4, and PSVR2 titles, but what we got felt like a much bigger deal than some kind of opening act.

The 21-minute broadcast was punctuated by several heavy-hitting moments. A jaw-dropping reveal trailer for Tekken 8 was a great way to kick things off — perhaps an immediate indication that Sony was taking this State of Play seriously. Tekken 8 has been a long time coming, and it actually ended up being an effective advert for the PS5's technical prowess. Again, the Unreal Engine 5 fighter looks absolutely fantastic — and unlike Street Fighter 6, it's skipping PS4 entirely.

Ronin State of Play

Then you've got the biggest surprise of the whole event: Rise of the Ronin. A PS5 console exclusive that could have easily acted as the show's finale, had it not been for God of War Ragnarok — but more on that shortly. For a broadcast that was billed as something relatively muted, the reveal of a AAA, open world RPG from Team Ninja was one hell of a statement, and it helped elevate the showcase as a whole.

And of course, the icing on the cake was the aforementioned God of War Ragnarok. We weren't sure if Sony would squeeze its remaining 2022 blockbuster into this particular event, but we're glad that it did. With The Last of Us: Part I out of the way, the company's focus will be on Kratos' triumphant return, and this was without doubt our most comprehensive look yet at the soon-to-be-released Norse adventure. It's always best to end on a high note!

Ishin State of Play

So that's this State of Play's 'big three' covered, but it wouldn't be right to ignore the rest of Sony's offering. As mentioned, this was an extremely well paced presentation, and the likes of Like a Dragon: Ishin! (finally!), Synduality, and Stellar Blade really helped keep things rolling with some snappy gameplay-based trailers. Exactly the kind of stuff that you want from a State of Play; no endlessly talking heads, no deep dives that outstay their welcome, and no CG teasers.

PS Stars is also worth a mention — another quick segment that was reasonably informative — while PSVR2 titles Star Wars: Tales from the Galaxy's Edge and Demeo gave us a fairly enticing glimpse into the headset's potential. Even Pacific Drive, the show's most indie component, managed to capture our attention with its intriguing blend of driving and survival mechanics.

God of War Ragnarok State of Play

The most impressive thing about this State of Play, though? It's the second time in a row that Sony has exceeded expectations, and delivered a really impressive showcase. Granted, it may not have had the overall weight of June's State of Play — a presentation that Push Square readers voted the best event of the summer — but it stuck to the fast-paced format and gave us some great looking games, as well as a few all-important surprises.

In a time when it feels like other publishers are getting worse at doing these kinds of shows, September's State of Play can only be seen as a big win for Sony and PlayStation.

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