Moss Book 2 PSVR2 PlayStation VR 1

It looks like Polyarc’s cute platforming sequel Moss: Book 2 will tunnel its way to PSVR2 when the headset launches next year. While the developer didn’t outright confirm anything, it shared Sony’s release date news on Twitter, and added: “Can you think of a game that benefits from a two-controller setup?” It included a mouse, book, and a crossed swords emoji at the end of the sentence.

You can already play Moss: Book 2 on the original PSVR, but many were holding out hope for a port to the more immersive PSVR2. “Book 2 takes the time to tighten up a few lingering issues from the first title, while providing more of the incredible world of Moss, albeit on a grander scale,” we wrote in our 8/10 review. “It’s further proof that Polyarc is among the best developers working on VR.”

Hopefully there’ll be some kind of double-pack for PSVR2, combining both of Quill’s adventures so far. The original games were already so charmingly tactile, we’re really looking forward to seeing how the developer uses features like haptic feedback and the adaptive triggers in the new PSVR2 Sense Controllers.