Final Fantasy 16 PS5 PlayStation 5 1

Since the beginning of PlayStation, franchises like Resident Evil and Final Fantasy have been key to the success of Sony’s consoles. It’s testament to their longevity that four hardware generations later – and nearing 30 years – those very same series remain crowd pleasers for PS5 and PS4 owners. Our evidence? The latest State of Play!

As we’ve been doing for a while, we’ve ranked all of the trailers from the show based on total views. Now, we must stress that we’re only looking specifically at official PlayStation videos here – many of the trailers will have been re-uploaded by other channels – and remember that these figures are accurate at the time of publication. They will go up over time!

Nevertheless, here are the rankings:

Meanwhile, the State of Play livestream has attracted almost two million views in total so far, which eclipses the 1.3 million that the previous broadcast amassed. In fact, browsing through the archives, this looks poised to be the most watched multi-game State of Play ever, which proves that the format works when the execution is as strong as this.