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Is PSVR2 backwards compatible with original PSVR games? It seems unlikely, given the distinct differences in tech. Sony’s new headset utilises inside-out tracking to detect its PSVR2 Sense controllers, while the original employed a standalone camera and PS Move wands. Even if you assume the platform holder could hurdle the glaring technological issues, the contrasting controller solutions have a different number of buttons available which could potentially create other problems with backwards compatibility.

Nevertheless, speaking with journalist Stephen Totilo, a spokesperson said that the firm has “nothing further to announce at the moment” with regards to backwards compatibility. That’s not an outright denial, of course, but the feature is conspicuous in its absence from the blowout Sony made at CES 2022 earlier this week.

Personally, we just don’t see how it’s feasible. A game like Astro Bot Rescue Mission, for example, is built around tracking the position of the DualShock 4 controller – but there’s no way to do that on the PS5 so it would require serious reworking. We’ve heard from some development sources that Sony is “pushing” to get ports of the most popular PSVR games, so we doubt there’s any danger of titles like Beat Saber and Rec Room being left behind.

Honestly, though, we’d strongly recommend not expecting backwards compatibility with PSVR2, it just doesn’t seem realistic right now.