PSVR2 PlayStation VR 2

This may be the week we learn a little more about Sony’s next-gen PSVR2 headset, which still remains something of a mystery. While we’ve seen the hardware and controllers, and even a few seconds of Horizon Call of the Mountain gameplay, specifics like software lineups very much remain undercover. But a GDC presentation from engine Unity promises to explore the headset’s “improved graphics performance and cutting-edge hardware”.

The briefing, scheduled to take place on 24th March, is entitled ‘Building Next-Gen Games for PSVR2 with Unity’. While this will be more targeted at developers, it’s likely we’ll learn more about what’s possible with the headset, including some examples. Furthermore, with Unity hosting a presentation on the platform, it’s feasible that the peripheral may feature in other presentations during the industry-focused convention.

Of course, it’s important to keep your expectations in check here. GDC is an event for gaming professionals, and it’s not necessarily the venue for consumer relations. This means you shouldn’t anticipate game reveals or trailers – more tech-focused information about some of the features and functions of the headset. We’ll keep you updated throughout the course of the week with any interesting tidbits or updates.

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