It’s been a little while since we last learned much about PSVR2. Sony did spotlight a handful of games during a recent State of Play, but outside of that, the firm’s been following its usual marketing strategy: radio silence. That’s what makes this photograph somewhat fascinating, then: it’s the first time we’ve seen the Japanese giant’s new headset in the flesh.

Indeed, all previous photos of PSVR2 have been professional product shots published by the platform holder, but here we get to see the product casually resting on a leather office chair. The image was uploaded by Bit Planet Games but has since been deleted – despite the firm initially insisting it had not broken any NDAs. We suspect it’ll be getting a stern letter from Sony’s legal team shortly.

There’s obviously not much to glean from this, but we can finally appreciate the scale of the new PSVR2 Sense Controllers, which are pretty darn large. We can also see what appears to be the single cord which will connect to the PS5, which looks fairly long and also relatively thin; it shouldn’t be too disruptive, then.

Hopefully more information will be announced about PSVR2 soon, but given the way Sony markets its products these days, we don’t recommend holding your breath.

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