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There’s a tidal-wave of optimism about PSVR2 emerging from GDC, where Sony is showcasing its new hardware in private to industry professionals. Earlier today, Chet Faliszek, a Valve veteran, described a tech demo he was treated to as “so good” and added: “You know where the world just feels different when you return?”

Since, a developer at Truant Pixel – the team making PSVR2 motorcycle title RUNNER – has weighed in on the hardware on the ResetEra forum. One poster pointed out that Faliszek’s comments sounded “hyperbolic”, a point which he denied. “Sony has been extremely deliberate with a lot of their choices about this thing,” he said. “They’ve been reading the room for a long time now.”

While clearly under NDA, the dev added: “Performance and immersion goes beyond resolution. The numbers certainly matter, but the whole is definitely greater than the sum.” Now PSVR2 has some of the best specs on the market already, but the creator – who has first-hand experience with the headset – pointed to some of its other features, like haptic feedback.

“Haptics make a bigger impact than you realise. Think about the first time you experienced DualSense, now consider it in the context of VR.” PSVR2’s Sense controllers include all of the functionality of the DualSense and more, including adaptive triggers and even rudimentary finger tracking. He continued: “Stop sweating about the wire. It’ll disappear once you start playing – unless you’re spinning in circles or something.”

As for the lack of gameplay or videos, the Truant Pixel employee pointed out: “It should be clear by now that [off-screen footage] is never representative of the experience for VR, which often is unfairly scrutinized by gamers who are already very sceptical and jaded. I say this from experience. VR already has enough to ‘prove’ to people, and showing unfinished builds with incomplete assets or performance hitches would not be in anyone’s best interests.”