PSVR2 won't support backwards compatibility with original PSVR games, but the developers who are upgrading their games for the new headset are offering free upgrades. Announced alongside the device's release date and price, Pistol Whip VR and Zenith: The Last City are all giving owners free upgrades if you already own the game.

It's not clear whether this free upgrade path is mandated by Sony — it likely isn't, given the company's switch to paid upgrades for PS5 games — but it's a good start for those wanting to upgrade their collection of PSVR titles. "The PlayStation VR2 version will be a free upgrade for owners of the original PS VR version," the Pistol Whip VR description on the PlayStation Blog reads.

After the Fall doesn't explicitly state it's offering a free upgrade on PSVR2, but it seems likely. The PS Blog reads: "And that’s not all that awaits you on PS VR2. Since the initial launch in December 2021 our team has continued to expand the world of After the Fall, which has more than doubled in content since then. You’ll be pleased to know that all of that gorey, co-op goodness will be included free of charge to anyone who buys the game on PS VR2."