Until Dawn: Rush of Blood, with its on-rails ghost house horror, was one of the surprise stories of PSVR – and it’s getting a spiritual successor, in the form of The Dark Pictures: Switchback VR for PSVR2. This is following closely in the trembling footsteps of its predecessor, sending you on a thrill-ride through some seriously spooky environments. Expect this one to be a seriously impressive demonstration of the new headset’s capabilities.

“Switchback VR will take players for a multi-sensory ride, where they’ll need to survive the terrifying Ghost Ship and its distorted apparitions, confront hideous demonic incarnations of persecuted ‘witches’ in 17th-century New England and then fight for your life against other-worldly vampires trapped beneath the desert. Finally, escape the horrifying World’s Fair Hotel with a sadistic serial killer out for blood and discover how your story connects these worlds on this sinister rollercoaster from hell.”

Unsurprisingly, the game will utilise every single one of PSVR2’s innovative features. “Endure every bump, twist, turn, and drop as your cart speeds along the tracks with haptic feedback bringing that roller-coaster feeling to life,” game director Alejandro Arque Gallardo revealed. “Adaptive triggers make each weapon feel unique as you unload on terrifying enemies that emerge from the shadows. Avoid falling beams, overturned buses, and hanging witches. With the PS VR2 headset eye tracking, we made enemies that only move when you blink, and hear demons whisper in your ear with the PS5’s 3D audio.”

Impressive stuff, then! You’ll find us cowering behind our headsets on day one.

[source blog.playstation.com]