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  • News GDC Report Finds One-Third of Developers Hit by Layoffs in Past Year

    And other portents of a grim future

    Some 35% of game development studios have been affected by layoffs in the past year, and more than half are concerned about future cuts at their place of employment. That's according to the annual report commissioned by the Game Developers Conference (GDC), organisers of the world's largest industry professional...

  • News God of War Ragnarok Nominated for Five Awards at GDC

    Elden Ring, Stray its competition

    God of War Ragnarok will battle it out for the coveted Game of the Year accolade at this year's GDC Awards in March. A list of categories voted on by game developers, it faces competition from Elden Ring, Stray, Tunic, Pentiment, and also

  • News Sony Extremely Deliberate with PSVR2's Design, Immersion Goes Beyond Resolution

    More positive feedback on Sony's headset

    There’s a tidal-wave of optimism about PSVR2 emerging from GDC, where Sony is showcasing its new hardware in private to industry professionals. Earlier today, Chet Faliszek, a Valve veteran, described a tech demo he was treated to as “so good” and added: “You know where the world just feels different

  • News PSVR2 Is Playable at GDC and Is Already Blowing Minds

    "The world feels different when you return"

    PSVR2 is playable behind closed doors at GDC this week, and there’s already a lot of buzz seeping out of the show. Chet Faliszek, a Valve veteran, shared the following on Twitter: “Had one of those VR moments today playing in the new PSVR2 HMD. You know where the world just feels different when you...

  • News Cutting-Edge PSVR2 Presentations Scheduled for GDC

    Coming into focus

    This may be the week we learn a little more about Sony’s next-gen PSVR2 headset, which still remains something of a mystery. While we’ve seen the hardware and controllers, and even a few seconds of Horizon Call of the Mountain gameplay, specifics like software lineups very much remain undercover. But a GDC presentation from...

  • News Unity's Enemies Tech Demo Offers a Tantalising Taste of the Future


    Graphics engine Unity has been showcasing its tech improvements through cinematic demos for several years now, and Enemies is its latest effort. The short clip shows an intimidating lady playing chess in a posh, art deco room that transforms into a Wayne Manor-style elevator. Many of the improvements centre on skin shaders and tension...

  • News GDC Reveals Its GOTY 2021 Nominees, Voted for by Game Developers

    Deathloop picks up six nominations

    The Game Developers Conference has today revealed the nominees for its 22nd awards ceremony, which are selected and voted on by the creators themselves. Set to take place in late March both virtually and in person, a wide array of categories encompass titles big and small. Deathloop leads the way with six...

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  • News Sound Shapes to Get Pre-Release Demo

    808 sampler

    Sound Shapes has come a long way since it was first unveiled at E3 last year. In a new video, anchored by Queasy Games’ Jason deGroot, the developer has shown off a couple of new environments from the final game, including a kind of space level where players get to take control of a UFO. Don’t worry, the music hook is still present,...

  • News AR Hockey Shows Off Vita's Markerless Technology


    Sony’s not forgotten about PlayStation Vita’s augmented reality features. At last week’s GDC it showed off a brand new tech demo called AR Hockey. Unlike previous augmented reality titles on Vita, AR Hockey works without a marker card using Sony’s new Smart AR technology. Players must stand around a rectangle surface and physically move...

  • News Sucker Punch Reflects on Flawed User Generated Content

    Not the best fit

    Sucker Punch’s attempts to introduce user generated content into inFamous 2 were certainly well realised, but in a post mortem at GDC, co-founder Chris Zimmerman has revealed that the title may not have been the best fit for the features. As part of his presentation, Zimmerman stated that just 15% of inFamous 2 players actually...

  • News Quantic Dream "Open" to Going First-Party

    Snap 'em up, Shuhei

    Sony’s Worldwide Studios portfolio has grown significantly this generation with the addition of studios such as Sucker Punch and Media Molecule, but we get the impression that the platform holder’s always looking to expand. Top of our wish list for new acquisitions would be Heavy Rain developer Quantic Dream, and surprisingly...

  • News David Cage Discusses the Development of Kara

    The genius is back

    If you haven’t seen Quantic Dream’s Kara technology demonstration yet, drop everything you’re doing and watch it. While the footage is not indicative of the Heavy Rain developer’s next project, it showcases the kind of technology leaps we can expect when the title is eventually announced. To complement yesterday's reveal,...

  • News Guerrilla to Continue Supporting Killzone on PS3

    Still working on new IP

    Guerrilla Games is a busy studio at the moment. The Dutch studio currently has its hands on three different projects, including ongoing work on the Killzone franchise for PS3. Speaking at a GDC panel, art director Jan-Bart van Beek hinted that the studio was committed to supporting the Killzone IP on PS3, but he didn’t...

  • News Sony Ships 10 Million PlayStation Move Controllers

    Moving on up

    The PlayStation Move has had a quiet year thus far, but with anticipated titles such as Sorcery and Datura on the horizon, it’s sure to pick up pace in the coming months. Regardless, it sounds like the motion peripheral's continuing to sell at a decent rate, with Sony confirming that it has now shipped 10.6 million units of the device...

  • News PlayStation Suite to Go into Open Beta Next Month


    Sony’s ambitious mobile strategy, PlayStation Suite, will go into open beta next month, the Japanese giant has confirmed. The forward thinking initiative will theoretically allow publishers to bring PlayStation-quality content to multiple compatible mobile handsets. It’s part of Sony’s wider plan to combat the growing popularity of...

  • News Quantic Dream to Showcase New Tech Demo Tonight


    Quantic Dream will give us the first glimpse of its next game on Eurogamer.net tonight. Studio co-founder David Cage will debut a brand new tech demo as part of an hour long session at GDC this evening, but Eurogamer.net will follow immediately with the footage in addition to insight from Cage himself. Set your alarm clocks to 22:30PM GMT if...

  • News Plastic Officially Announces Datura for PlayStation Move

    Experimental narrative

    As anticipated, Polish studio Plastic has lifted the lid on its curious PlayStation Move title, Datura. The game – which is set to release exclusively on the PlayStation Network later this year – promises to use Sony’s motion wand in an “innovative way”. Plastic’s Michal Staniszewski explained: Finding yourself in...

  • News Lollipop Chainsaw Bringing the Goods on 12th June


    Warner Bros has announced that it’s to release the bittersweet Lollipop Chainsaw on 12th June in North America and 13th June in Europe, giving you just three months to stock up on your favourite Chupa Chups. For those of you that have been living under a rock, Lollipop Chainsaw puts you in control of a cheerleader named Juliet Starling. Her...

  • Rumour We Could See Fan-Made Move Games Come to PC

    Make your Move

    While Microsoft's Kinect has gained itself quite a reputation for the number of hacks and unofficial applications developed by academics, amateur programmers and the frankly bored, but PlayStation Move has missed out on similar functionality. However, that situation may change in future, judging from this snippet from a Game...