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As has been rumoured for an eternity, Meta has announced a flagship new virtual reality headset: the Meta Quest Pro. It’s important to underline that this will not replace the existing consumer-ready Meta Quest 2: it’s a corporate product, designed more for business and productivity than mucking about in Beat Saber. And that’s reflected by its $1,499 price point.

But how does it compare to Sony’s upcoming PSVR2? Well, it’s important to remember that this is a standalone device, much like the Meta Quest 2. That means it has its own built-in battery, processor, and memory. In comparison, PlayStation’s new headset will leverage the power of the PS5, losing portability in favour of improved performance.

This is how the devices stack up. We’ve also included the Meta Quest 2 and original PSVR for the sake of comparison:

Specs PSVR2 Meta Quest Pro Meta Quest 2 PSVR
Resolution 2000x2040 per eye 1800x1920 per eye 1832x1920 per eye 960x1080 per eye
Refresh Rate 120hz, 90hz 90hz 90hz 120hz, 90hz
Field of View
~105-degrees ~90-degrees
Four for inside-out tracking of PSVR2 Sense controllers
Five for inside-out tracking of Meta Quest Pro controllers Four for inside-out tracking of Oculus Touch controllers
Inside-out Inside-out
PS Camera
Motion Controllers
PSVR2 Sense controllers with haptic feedback, finger touch detection, and adaptive triggers
Meta Quest Pro controllers Oculus Touch controllers
PS Move motion controllers, DualShock 4
Single USB-C cable
Wireless Wireless
Built-in microphone and stereo headphone jack
Built-in microphone, integrated audio, and stereo headphone jack Built-in microphone, integrated audio, and stereo headphone jack
Built-in microphone and stereo headphone jack
Force Feedback
Rumble motor
None None
Not applicable, as PSVR2 offloads its processing to PS5
Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2-Plus Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2
Not applicable, as PSVR offloads its processing to PS5 or PS4
Storage Space
Not applicable
256GB 256GB, 128GB
Not applicable
Battery Life
Not applicable
~1-2 hours ~3-5 hours
Not applicable
Headset Weight
Less than ~600 grams
~720 grams ~500 grams
~600 grams
Starts at $1,499 Starts at $399.99
Starts at $299.99

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In terms of the raw specifications, then, Meta Quest Pro and PSVR2 are fairly comparable. Of course, as mentioned previously, Meta’s new headset has its processor bundled in – and it’s an upgrade on the chip inside the existing Meta Quest 2. It also has totally overhauled controllers which do away with the customary LED tracking rings, and include on-deck cameras that promise even greater accuracy.

Other innovations on the Meta Quest 2 include eye-tracking and foveated rendering, something Sony has also promised for PSVR2, which effectively means that the headset is able to direct the bulk of its processing power to the objects you’re actually looking at. In the case of Meta’s new headset, it’ll also be able to read your expressions, which will be reflected within virtual worlds.

Meta is marketing its new headset as a productivity tool for enterprise; it ultimately wants you to live and work within a virtual office. Therefore, its new headset also includes features like augmented reality and mixed reality, blending the real-world with the virtual one. Surprisingly, though, outside of its Horizon Workrooms software and a partnership with Microsoft, it has very little to show for that.

Many publications are already citing the improved comfort of the Meta Quest Pro in comparison to the Meta Quest 2 as one of its biggest selling points, but it’s important to remember that PSVR was already extremely comfortable, and its successor is reported to be even better in that department. Because it doesn’t need a battery or processor, Sony’s generally able to better balance the weight of its device. Meta Quest Pro’s battery life is also limited at just one to two hours, less than even the three to five hours of the Meta Quest 2.

All in all, the new Meta Quest Pro isn’t really competing with PSVR2. While the price of Meta’s new unit may send alarm bells ringing among PlayStation fans, Sony is aiming directly at consumers with its upcoming headset, whereas Meta is looking at the corporate market. Look, the new PSVR2 headset is not going to be cheap – but we can’t imagine it’ll cost more than a third of what Meta’s flogging here.

What do you think of the new Meta Quest Pro headset? Does it retrospectively make you more impressed with PSVR2’s specs? Are you still concerned about the cable on Sony’s headset? How much do you think PlayStation’s device will cost? Sound off in the comments section below.