Half Life Alyx PS5 PlayStation 5 PSVR 1

If there’s any game Sony needs to get over the line for PSVR2, it’s Half-Life: Alyx. The critically acclaimed first-person shooter is comfortably regarded as one of the best virtual reality experiences available today, and with the Japanese giant looking to offer more substantial, full-length experiences on its new hardware, it simply has to get this game ported.

Valve, without confirmed anything, has expressed interest in the past – and the rumours simply won’t go away. Now, a website named The Leak [We know - Ed], claims that the PlayStation maker has struck a deal that will bring the title to PSVR2 next year. Unfortunately, the report’s light on specifics: “Our source has told us that Sony were in negotiations with Valve about Half-Life: Alyx for a long time before reaching a settlement,” it claims. Well, okay, but where are the receipts?

You’ve got to imagine, privately, Sony will be moving heaven-and-earth to get this game. The article implies that the manufacturer may have “bought the rights to have it published”, suggesting perhaps it could handle the conversion itself. We’ll obviously check in with both Valve and the platform holder to see if it has anything extra to share here, but this is a story worth following.

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