Resident Evil Village PS5 PSVR2 1

The original PSVR was amazing, but on the rare occasion a tentpole AAA title got ported to it, the visuals took an enormous hit. Resident Evil 7 Biohazard is a great example: the experience was transformative in virtual reality, but the Bakers’ family home looked grimy and low-fidelity on the headset. It was a compromise of the technology!

The early feedback from Resident Evil Village’s upcoming PSVR2 port, however, could not be more different. Polygon writes that foveated rendering “helps the graphics look high-end”. It adds: “It’s certainly impressive that it can replicate a game like Resident Evil Village with minimal drop-off from the console version.”

Foveated rendering saves computational resources by only rendering the areas of a scene you’re looking at in high detail. This means that objects in your peripheral vision are displayed in lower quality, because your vision can’t fully appreciate their details anyway. This ultimately means that the brunt of the PS5’s power can be reserved for the things you’re focusing on.

Polygon continues: “In a short demo on display at the event, Lady Dimitrescu was the clear standout, talking to you while you dangle from the ceiling of a room with hooks through your hands, giving you a close-up look at just how giant and intimidating she is – and how much more detailed she looks compared to the character models in Resident Evil 7 on PSVR or Resident Evil 4 on Quest.”

This is all positive news for the future of PSVR2. Sony has said that it’d like to release more hybrid games: traditional console experiences that can also be played in virtual reality. If developers are able to achieve a comparable visual quality, then not only will this be good for immersion, but it also widens the pool of potential experiences that could be ported to the headset in the future.