PSVR2 - Timeline

Sunday25th Feb 2024

  • Video One Year Later, Is PSVR2 Doing Enough?

    A year older and none the wiser

    The PSVR2 turned one this year, which obviously has us feeling reflective. PlayStation’s latest VR gamble hasn’t really hit it off in the way that many expected, with an anaemic first-party release lineup and a fairly withdrawn line of communication from Sony. But has the PSVR2 really had such a disappointing...

Friday23rd Feb 2024

  • Poll What Do You Think of PSVR2, One Year Later?

    This is reality

    PSVR2 launched on the 22nd of February 2023, which means that the platform is now officially a year old — and you know what that means! Yep, we want to gather your opinions on Sony's VR device, now that we've all had plenty of time to evaluate its first 12 months on the market. For what it's worth, we think PSVR2 made an...

  • Guide New PSVR2 Games Release Dates in 2024

    All 2024's upcoming PlayStation VR2 launch dates

    What new PSVR2 games release dates in 2024 are coming up? If you're looking for a full list of 2024 PSVR2 release dates, then we've got you covered. Sony's headset is off to a strong start in its first year on the market, with virtual reality developers both big and small committing their support to...

Thursday22nd Feb 2024

  • News Sony Testing PSVR2 Compatibility on PC, Aiming for This Year

    Increase your PSVR2 library

    Alongside announcing some new games for the headset to mark its first anniversary, Sony has also revealed it's testing PSVR2 compatibility on PC. With hopes it can get support up and running later this year, the update would mean PSVR2 users could access select VR titles found only on PC. On the

  • News Sony Celebrates One Year of PSVR2 with New Game Reveals

    Zombie Army VR! Wanderer! Little Cities!

    Sony's PSVR2 headset becomes a one-year-old today, and the platform holder has marked the day by announcing some new games for the VR device. Three all-new titles in The Wizards - Dark Times: Brotherhood, Little Cities: Bigger!, and Zombie Army VR have been confirmed, while Wanderer: The Fragments of Fate has...

Thursday1st Feb 2024

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Friday26th Jan 2024

  • News Stilt Swaps Hands for Big Springs on PSVR2

    Out in March

    New PSVR2 game Stilt looks set to bring back the age of classic 3D platformers with a virtual reality title that replaces your hands with gigantic springs. You shall use these to navigate a world where an octopus has stolen your spaceship atop a volcano and thrown all your belongings across the landscape. It's your job to reclaim all...

Thursday25th Jan 2024

Saturday20th Jan 2024

  • Guide Where to Buy PSVR2

    Best deals, physical PSVR2 games, and accessories

    The hottest new piece of hardware on the PlayStation scene is the PSVR2 (or PlayStation VR2, technically), the latest VR headset from Sony. The PSVR2 is finally available at a wide range of retailers and we're tracking all the best prices and deals for you in this guide. The successor to the...

Monday15th Jan 2024

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Tuesday9th Jan 2024

  • News Jeff Minter's Akka Arrh Set for PSVR2 Port This March

    Step inside the madness

    Atari has announced last year's Akka Arrh from Jeff Minter will be receiving a PSVR2 port this March. The game will now play out in a 3D space rather than the 2D universe of the original version, allowing every element of the vision to come "to life with an intensity and clarity that was once unimaginable". Beyond the March...

Thursday4th Jan 2024

Tuesday2nd Jan 2024

Friday29th Dec 2023

  • Game of the Year Best PSVR2 Game of 2023

    Headset wizards

    Our Game of the Year coverage continues with the Best PSVR2 Game of 2023, of which a top four has been put together by the Push Square editorial team. Following its launch at the start of the year, we're celebrating the very best PSVR2 games for the first time in our Game of the Year deliberations. These are the titles we think were...

Friday22nd Dec 2023

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