Resident Evil 4 PS5 PS4 Push Square

A batch of new achievements has been added to the PC version of Resident Evil 4, indicating new content is on its way to the Capcom remake. First released for PS5, PS4 in March earlier this year, a different campaign based on Ada Wong — named Separate Ways in the original version — has been heavily rumoured alongside confirmed PSVR2 content.

SteamDB is now tracking the addition of seven new achievements on the PC platform, but there aren't any descriptions attached at the time of writing — just random numbers and letters like "40-en" and "44-en". The Japanese publisher has its Capcom Showcase to make its reveals, but since one livestreamed just a few weeks ago, it's likely a different venue will host the announcement.

The Ada Wong-focused bonus campaign is the most likely thing these new PC achievements are attached to, but there's always the possibility it's something else. All eyes turn to Capcom to see what it has in store for a game handed a very rare 10/10 rating on Push Square. We concluded: "What was there before was already enough to consider Resident Evil 4 one of the best games of all time, but now it earns that title in 2023 off the back of better environments and sublime action. This is Resident Evil at its absolute pinnacle; an utterly outstanding experience that will live long in the hearts of longtime fans while inducting a whole new generation of supporters."

Will you return to Resident Evil 4 for a new campaign all about Ada Wong? Let us know in the comments below.