Already beaten Resident Evil Village? No problem – it looks like third-person mode will give you a reason to replay Capcom’s spectacular Romanian horror! This new trailer from the Tokyo Game Show showcases several minutes of footage from the new perspective, and it almost looks like a brand-new game – impressive stuff!

Of course, if you’re not in the mood for revisiting the main campaign, then there’s always the Shadows of Rose expansion, which will also play out entirely in third-person. Those enemies that suck away protagonist Rose’s soul like a Dementor don’t look very pleasant, do they?

The final prong of the expansion will add in fresh Mercenaries missions and playable characters, including Lady Dimitrescu. Some of the animations here are fantastic, as she applies lipstick and sips from a goblet while towering over her foes. We love the mixture of content in this add-on, and we’re looking forward to digging in come 28th October.

Remember, if you haven’t purchased the game yet, you’ll be able to get everything as part of the repackaged Gold Edition, which is due out on the same day as the add-on.