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With the release of the excellent Resident Evil 4 remake, modders on PC have taken to their obligatory task with a vengeance, gifting us with their titillating and terrifying creations.

It's only been a couple of weeks since the game launched, and we must applaud the dedicated community for their efforts. First up is the obligatory Thomas the Tank Engine mod, which replaces the monstrous Del Lago with something a little more child-friendly.


Next, we are treated to Tramp Stamp Leon, who wears a racy crop top to show off the goods and allow him greater freedom of motion while fighting off the infected (probably).

Leon Tramp Stamp

Ashley embraces what was undoubtedly this generation's greatest musical (and cultural) accomplishment, the emo movement of the early 2000s. She can be seen here repping My Chemical Romance's iconic Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge band t-shirt.

MCR Ashley

Those wishing to demonstrate their console allegiance of choice whilst playing on PC can instead opt for this elegant Kratos outfit.

Leon Kratos

Regardless of what platform you are playing on, keep an eye out for this game-breaking bug in Chapter 12.

Are you playing Resident Evil 4 on PC? Let us know us know how you plan on spicing your next playthrough up in the comments section below.

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