Ada Wong Resident Evil 4 Remake Voice Actress 1
Image: Push Square

Ah, the Internet is at it again: Lily Gao, the new voice of Ada Wong in Resident Evil 4’s remake, has effectively nuked her Instagram account following a string of hateful comments from so-called “fans”. Gao – who also starred in the Return to Raccoon City movie – was recruited to replace Resident Evil 2’s Jolene Anderson, but not everyone has appreciated her performance in the game.

While constructive criticism is generally fine, some of the comments have sadly gone way over-the-top, outright blaming Gao for “ruining the game”, before seeping into even more unsavoury territory. The actress initially deactivated comments on Instagram, preventing people from leaving their thoughts, but has since nuked her entire account, with only a single post remaining as of the time of writing.

It should go without saying, whatever your thoughts on Ada Wong’s new voice actress, you should keep them polite and respectful. It’s one thing to express your opinion on a fictional character, but it’s another entirely to effectively harass an actress for not meeting your personal expectations. Gao seemed genuinely excited to assume the role of this iconic character, but we daresay that moment’s been tainted now.