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  • Soapbox We Need to Talk About Font Sizes in Games

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    Considering I’ve spent roughly half my life in dark rooms staring at blisteringly bright screens, my eyesight is decent. Do you know what’s making me feel like I’m going blind, though? Video games. This isn’t a case of my peepers slowly withering away and losing their clarity – all other aspects of my life remain unaffected and...

  • PSX 2016 This Panel About Accessibility in Games Is Important

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    We all complain about games a lot, but it's important to remember why we love them in the first place: they allow us to do things we can't do in the real-world; to escape to places that we'd never be able to travel to. For some of the most disadvantaged people, though – the people who are arguably most desiring of the opportunity...

  • News PS4 Games Named Most Accessible for People with Disabilities

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    Gaming is a pastime that anyone can enjoy, but not every release takes into account players with disabilities. While the PlayStation 4 does now allow users to reassign buttons at an operating system level – thus making titles more accessible to everyone – the Able Gamers charity is still eager to recognise those releases that are...